Survivor: Cook Islands

This Tribe Will Self-Destruct In 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 (Part 2)

By Jim Van Nest

December 21, 2006

Look, it's two wonderful contestants! Plus Becky.

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Becky : She came in knowing she wouldn't be the strongest, fastest or smartest. She came in planning to play a social game and make the right alliances along the way. She feels that she did that and that she stayed true to her character and that's why she's asking for their vote. While Jonathan is actually laughing at her, I can't help but think that she did the best she could with what she had. She can't compete with either of these guys and she knows it.

Ozzy: He starts off by saying that he's been the underdog from the beginning. His people were the first ones gone. He decided that he would do anything he needed to to stay in the game, and that was providing. Without it, he knows he would have been gone. He says he put his heart and soul and everything he has into every aspect of this game. He feels that his actions and his reputation in the game speak louder than any words he could say.

And now it's time for the jury.

Nate: Starts off giving them their props. He tells Yul was like the Godfather, the gangsta boss. Ozzy is more like the warrior. He wants to know how Ozzy played the strategic game better than Yul.

Ozzy's response is that during the first three weeks of the game, he played a pivotal role in deciding the fate of the game. He found himself being the "Yul" of his tribe. He convinced his tribe to vote Billy off and he was controlling things. He says that when the tribes merged, he really played up the whole "surfer dude, I'll get the fish" aspect, while playing a very strong individual game.

Nate goes on to Becky. Why does she deserve the million over the mob boss and the warrior?

Becky tells Nate that while everyone calls Yul the Godfather, he wasn't making those decisions by himself. When Jeff asks if Nate was satisfied, he says no. Is she saying she was calling the shots? No. There wasn't a boss. They made decisions together. She says the jury may see her as not taking any risks, but the biggest risk she took was not taking the idol when Yul offered it. She said she didn't want to slide into the top three, she wanted to earn it.


Jenny: Her question is for Yul. She wants to know what element of the game he finds more important. Strategic or Physical?

He says that this is a game of social strategy. He was happy to let Ozzy set himself up as a target while people ignored him. He goes back to the fact that everyone in his alliance made the final four.

Parvati: She addresses Becky about agreeing to a tie-breaker against Sundra and then finds out she turned down the idol. She tells her she's sitting between giants right now and she wants Becky to convince her that she wants to win this game.

Becky says that she wouldn't have been able to sit there proud if she took the idol. She feels that would be sneaky and cheap and that if she's going to win it, she wants to do it proud.

Rebecca: Her question is to Yul and Ozzy. She says she's torn between the two of them. They both played flawless, but different games. She asks them to tell her something she doesn't know about them that will help her decide.

Yul goes first. He said he wanted to get on Survivor because minorities (especially Asian Americans) are under represented on television and that when they are on, they're stereotyped and he wants to be a visible spokesperson for helping to change that.

Ozzy echoes Yul's sentiments. He says he likes the fact that he was able to get on this show and maybe change the perception of "what is a Mexican?" He hopes his dominance in different aspects changes perception. He hopes that he can become a positive role model for kids, especially Mexican kids, and can help change the world, even if only a little bit.

Adam: Adam starts off by saying that the three of them and Sundra have been painfully boring and he just wants them to get to the point. From Ozzy, Adam wants to hear talk trash about Becky and Yul and why they shouldn't win.

Ozzy starts with Yul and says that he knows Yul didn't try as hard as he could. And he thinks it's unacceptable to not try as hard as possible. For Becky, he feels she rode on coattails. And the fire making. He says that's something that after 39 days you oughta be able to do.

Candice: If I'm a betting man, this is where I'd lay my wager for the venom. Let's see what she has for us. She begins by saying that the fact that they made it even after the mutiny is pretty cool. Her question is for Yul. Whenever he's asked a question, he beats around the bush, or he says what people want to hear. She doesn't want to let him do that, so she's going to ask him a yes or no question. And she says if he answers anything but yes or no, she will not vote for him. She feels that he has been "shamelessly working this jury", and she asks him if that's true.

He thinks about it for a moment and says, "Yes." She comments that she knew that was hard for him. To which he responds that the word shamelessly made it tougher, and everyone rides him for saying something besides yes or no. After he says that he said yes, Candice says she'll have to think about that one. It was amazingly light hearted and I would have lost some money.

Brad: Brad applauds them all and then addresses Ozzy. He says that he's had maybe a 15 second conversation with him over the course of the show and wants to know about a challenging experience in his life and how he overcame it.

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