Survivor: Cook Islands

This Tribe Will Self-Destruct In 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 (Part 2)

By Jim Van Nest

December 21, 2006

Look, it's two wonderful contestants! Plus Becky.

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As they get back to camp, Ozzy discusses how amazed he was at Sundra's performance. Yul tells us that either Sundra or Becky is going home tonight. As the two of them talk about it, Yul says he can't vote against Becky. Ozzy doesn't really want to vote for either of them. And they hatch a plan to settle this as fairly and equally as possible. Yul and Becky will vote for Sundra. Ozzy and Sundra will vote for Becky. They'll allow a tie-breaker to decide it. We flip to Yul talking to Becky and he's telling her that Ozzy wants to force the tie-break. And then he offers up the hidden immunity idol to her to guarantee her place in the final three. Becky likes the offer but says she has to think about it. Ozzy tells the girls about the plan and they seem okay with that. Sundra asks Yul about any surprises and Yul says there won't be any.

At the beginning of Tribal, Jeff breaks the news of a Final Three, much to the jury's surprise. Jeff brings up the obvious - either Becky or Sundra will go home. And he questions them about not pulling out the idol and Sundra says she was willing to take this chance. Ozzy tells Jeff that the plan is to force a tie. Jeff again points out the obvious, that Yul could impact the game by giving someone the idol. Yul says that it could get played, but they came up with a solution that works for everyone. Sundra and Becky have both thought of that. Becky mentions how close she and Yul are, but is reluctant to accept because of how it would look to the jury. Yul expounds by saying that he's tried his best to play a clean game and even though it's really impossible to do, he does have certain things he wants to stick to like loyalty to the people he's aligned with. And it's time to vote. As expected, the vote comes out as a 2-2 tie. Jeff asks about the hidden idol. Sundra doesn't have it. And after several seconds, Becky admits that she doesn't have it either.

So it's time for a tie-breaker and as usual, it's a fire making challenge. Each person has flint, a knife, coconut husk and kindling. The goal, make a fire tall enough to burn through a rope and ring a bell. What follows may well be the saddest, yet funniest fire making challenge you will EVER see. The ladies build their little fire tower and begin going at the flint. After an hour of banging with not a flame between them, Jeff ends the misery by giving them matches to start their fires. The funny part of all this is watching the jury, Ozzy, Yul and even Probst starting to get bored, tired and embarrassed for the ladies. Of course, we have matches now, so this should be done momentarily. They both keep getting flames only to watch them go out. As Ozzy covers his eyes so as not to watch anymore, the clock ticks over the 90 minute mark with no luck. As Sundra's flame goes out, she reveals that she is out of matches. This is tough - I have so many jokes, and I don't know which one to use. How about a couple of them? First: This sure gives new meaning to "We didn't start the fire" doesn't it? Second: If Becky runs out of matches, I can only assume the next choice will be for each to gnaw on their rope, the first one through wins. While I'm making really bad jokes, Becky finally starts a fire and it burns through her rope accomplishing a couple things. One, it sets up a Yul, Ozzy and Becky final three. Two, it sets us all free from the ridiculousness that was that challenge. I mean, I've seen some signs of ineptitude, but after 39 days on an island and NEITHER of them can make fire??? I can't imagine that'll help Becky's final tribal council speech any.


Now it's time to play, "Let's Kill Some Time Before the Tribal Council." We join the final three celebrating making it to the final day. Becky tells us that she is very proud of herself for not taking the idol from Yul. Out of nowhere, a boat appears. It's two hot native babes bringing in food and drink. With a tinge of irony, Becky is nowhere to be found, and only Yul and Ozzy are there to greet them. As they yell for her, she is apparently out of earshot. One can only see this as a preview of how the final votes will go. Becky will be nowhere to be found. Ozzy even points it out and mentions the joke of a fire making challenge the night before. We hear from all three finalists giving why they think they should win. Yul feels he played a better game, Ozzy feels like he broke some stereotypes and Becky feels she played a good social game. Yeah...she's reaching.

As we enter the final tribal council, I can't seem to get a feel for how the jury will vote. Also, I can't get a feeling for who will be the one to have the obnoxiously pissed off jury speech/question. I mean, the three in the finals did nothing to offend anyone. They were punked by the mutiny, bonded like no tribe before them and then ran the table. They didn't lie, they didn't cheat, they didn't backstab. There's not much of a reason to blast any of them. Sure, Becky did nothing over the course of the show, but is that something to be pissed off about? Not really, in my opinion. But I guess we'll see.

As always, the finalists will get to give an opening statement.

Yul: He starts off talking about how he came into the game not wanting to play just an individual game, but rather he wanted to affect the outcome of the game. He managed to get his alliance of four to the final four and he feels that his leadership had a lot to do with that. He admits to manipulating and deceiving, but he stayed loyal to the people that were loyal to him. He ends by saying that he'd like to have their vote, he feels like he earned his way there and he did it in a way that he's proud of.

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