Survivor: Cook Islands

You Are A Rat

By Jim Van Nest

December 5, 2006

Do you think he'd give me the immunity idol if I slept with him?

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At Tribal, Jeff begins with talk of the auction. Why did Becky send Candice to Exile Island again? And here's something that really bugs me. Becky talks about her being a fierce competitor. Yadda, yadda, yadda. Why is it so hard for someone to just say the words, "Because you turned your back on us, you bitch. You screwed us and every day since has been about payback"? Jeff asks Ozzy what happened when they got back. He talks about getting wood while Jonathan fished and how it caused a big ordeal later when they didn't share the fish.

Jeff asks Parvati her side of the story. She said they know they're on the outside and the fact that they weren't helping must have pissed some people off. Then we spend a few minutes slamming Jonathan. Miss Sour Grapes herself claims Jon's immature. Bwahahaha! "At what point does the five people that are working and the three people that are basically waiting for the dinner bell so that they can get fed...ya know, when is that not appropriate?" Great response Jon. Of course, Candice and Adam completely ignore what he said and just continue to bash him and name call.

When Jeff suggests that there's a tribe of three, a tribe of four and Jonathan by himself, Yul speaks up to disagree. Probst, who's on fire tonight by the way, says, "Well you're the UN. I'm expecting the UN to come in here and make everything nice." He says straight up that the way the Raro folks are painting the picture is not accurate and they'll say whatever to suit their own purposes. The Raros once again bring up that they're fine with being voted off as long as Jonathan goes first. Yeah, whatever.


The last bit of interesting stuff is when Jeff mentions that everyone knows Yul has the idol and it's Nate's reaction to the fact that maybe he should have listened to Jonathan last time around. Oh well, live and learn, my man. We see two votes, Jonathan and Candice voting for each other. And no one is surprised and only Candice's family is upset to see the 5-3 vote sending the lead mutineer to Loser's Lodge. After a long hug and kiss (which kinda goes against the whole "you must leave the Tribal Council area immediately" thing) Candice makes her way to have her torch snuffed. What follows is a prime example of why no one other than Jeff Probst should EVER host this show. "Well, a kiss is nice. Maybe if it were love, he'd have given you the immunity necklace." BOOM!

Next time on Survivor, Parvati actually does some work and manages to cut herself with a machete. Jonathan indicates that she might not be able to continue with that injury. Also, the pressure is hitting Yul from all sides. He claims to feel like the Godfather arranging a hit on someone. This just in, Yul...when someone starts thinking they're in charge and talking about it, that's when the masses rise up and chop off his head. Either way, after another fantastic episode, I can't wait to see how this turns out. One more show like these last couple and the "best season ever" discussion will have to begin. Until next week, take care.

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