Survivor: Cook Islands

You Are A Rat

By Jim Van Nest

December 5, 2006

Do you think he'd give me the immunity idol if I slept with him?

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Meanwhile, on Exile Island, Candice cries some more, misses Adam some more and basically can't understand what she ever did to deserve this. Sorry, darlin', you dissed an entire tribe. And while it's been over a month ago for the viewer, it's been less than a week on the island.

We come back to camp to Jonathan reading the latest tree mail. Looks like this one will be a memory challenge. Adam is going all out on this challenge because he wants Jonathan gone. I don't know...this is a mental type challenge. Sounds like it's right up Yul's or maybe Sundra's alley. I think it'll be another depressing day for the Raros.

Probst sighting! This may well be one of the more difficult challenges I've seen. They will be asked questions that will have a number answer. They'll then put those numbers into an equation. The answer will give them the number of a door. When the door is opened, there will be a little package inside. If they pick the right door, the package will hold a key. This key opens a lock that will release a flag. First three survivors to release their flag move on to the final round. Survivors ready? The reason I say this is so tough is that I've watched every minute of every show and in pretty great detail in order to write these recaps. Without the visual clues they gave us, I wouldn't have remembered most of these. I'm thinking I might have been better off just guessing and untying randomly. Holy cow, Parvati is the first one to get a key and raise her flag. Are you kidding me? Jonathan is second and Adam just beats out Candice for the third and final spot in the finals.

The final round is very similar. Four questions with numerical answers. Open the door and hope you have a key. This time the key opens the door to a timber tunnel. Once they get through the tunnel, they'll walk over some floating pontoons and raise another flag. First one to do it wins immunity. This part of the challenge is incredibly dull as Adam pulls out the key on his first shot. He unlocks and unties the door to the tunnel and is onto the pontoons while Jon and Parvati just look on. Parvati finally gets her key, but it's too little too late. Adam finally wins something. Congrats, big guy. The only question now is, will he use the necklace to save his girlfriend? I wouldn't.

When we get back, it's time to play, "It's anyone but Candice." She is whining about how Jonathan is a snake and she can't believe that he'll last in this game longer than her. Um...hello. How any times does it have to be said? YOU stepped off the mat. YOU backstabbed your entire tribe. YOU acted alone. And now you're getting ready to pay the price for it. Adam and Parvati are trying to talk Yul into voting Jonathan off before them. As they're talking, Jon comes back with a bunch of fish and surprise, there's no fire to cook it. More on that in a bit.

Yul is trying to explain himself to Adam and Parvati. He tells them that because of how Jonathan is, he can predict what he's going to do. And that makes him a good person to keep around. As he's doing this and Parvati keeps trying to interrupt, he pushes her off with a very simple and very effective, "Let me finish." Adam tells Yul that he's the ringleader and that all three of them will vote for him on the jury if he just boots Jonathan now. Yul basically tells them thanks but no thanks. Jon comes back in the middle of it and picks up Adam's coconut which causes a small issue. He then says he'll go get some wood to start a fire to cook the fish. Good lord, is ANYone doing anything but him?


This leads us into the tent with Adam and his ladies. Smooching and all that ensues. While they're laughing and playing around, the fish gets done. Jon asks if they have to feed them this fish. Ozzy's response, "I ain't no such thing as a free lunch." So Aitu starts digging in. Ken and his Barbies can't believe what they're seeing, so Candice decides to take care of it. She gets up in all of their faces about it. Jonathan pulls out all the stuff she's said about him which sends her into a tirade about how everyone is saying it, including Yul. She goes on to tell him all the stuff Yul said about him being "selfish and rational" and predictable. "Candice, don't speak for me. I can speak for myself." Have I mentioned how much I like Yul? He explains himself pretty well given the circumstances and Jonathan is quick to turn the conversation back to the meal. Candice says that everyone takes their turn to lie around in the tent. I think the time on Exile Island has taken its toll on her brain. Cause she's seeing a completely different version of things than anyone else.

In which Yul loses the unlosable game. We join Yul and Becky discussing the coming vote. Yul is saying that the Raro three have told him that he's the ringleader and they're holding him responsible if Jonathan doesn't go home tonight. He tells her that he's concerned about losing their votes on the jury and that they can boot Jon, keep the numbers and he'll have those three victory votes against, "whoever I go up against." Um, dude. I know what he's trying to do. He sees Becky as a very close friend and confidante. But come on man, she's playing this game for a million bucks too. Not only was your entire diatribe a bunch of "me, I, me, I" you didn't even include her in your final two. Think she might remember that down the road? The look on her face says yes. A couple weeks from now when Ozzy's announced as the winner of Survivor: Cook Islands, we'll be able to look back to this moment as the shift in the game. I dig Yul and I want him to win, but this was a very critical error and will likely cost him a chance at a million dollars.

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