Survivor: Cook Islands

People You Like Want To See You Suffer

By Jim Van Nest

November 17, 2006

Don't let the smiles fool you. They plan on devouring souls for this indignity.

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When we get back from break, we start at Exile Island. And awwww, Candice is upset. Ya know, when you pull off the biggest backstab in the history of the show; reap what you sow. Suck it up, eat your sea cucumber and shut up.

As Aitu gets off their private plane, they are greeted by a native tribe and are carried to the feast like dignitaries. As they walk, the tribe sings as they march. For my money, these are always the best rewards on the show. Forget the food, forget the cars. This is something you will NEVER have a chance to be a part of. This is a memory that will last longer than any Chevrolet or even a million dollars. Aitu is totally overwhelmed, as they should be. There is much eating, much dancing, much laughing, a little rain and a couple of the larger native woman made a sweet Yul sandwich. Interestingly enough, Ozzy seemed to get the skinny chicks. I have to wonder what that means. Either way, if this tribe hadn't bonded before, they certainly are now. I honestly see them as the final four. I don't see any way they can lose, especially with Yul holding the hidden idol.

Over at Raro, guess what? Jonathan's working again while everyone else "chills." Jon tells us that if they'd stop with that attitude, maybe they'd actually win something. He's fishing like a madman in hopes that being the provider saves him a little longer. Tree Mail is a map of the island. Jenny complains to us that Rebecca hasn't helped during any challenge. I can only assume that's to plant the seed that she'll be the boot when Aitu wins again.

Probst sighting! The immunity challenge looks to be an interesting one. Each person will swim out to a pontoon, dive down and untie a bag. When all four people get back, they'll open the bags to find the names of ten islands. They will then move to a large map where ten islands in the area are mapped out and numbered. Their job? Match the names of the islands to the corresponding number. First tribe finished wins immunity. Losing tribe will go to Tribal Council, but not empty handed. And here's where Jeff whips out the mysterious bottle. The bottle will be taken back to camp by the losing tribe and it will stay sealed until Tribal. After the vote, the bottle will be opened and the message read. Oooooh, I wonder what it could be. Adam, Candice and Jenny will be sitting out this challenge. Survivors ready?


As we've seen a dozen times, Ozzy completely blows away Nate getting to the farthest bag. Ozzy gets back as Nate gets his bag. I mean, come on, it's not even fair. Aitu is pretty much running away with it until Parvati makes up major time on Becky's run. Sundra has trouble getting her bag and manages to get hers as Rebecca comes up empty handed. Aitu begins solving while Rebecca swims back. As Raro opens their bags, Aitu solves the map and wins again. Come on, was it ever in doubt? I love this frickin tribe.

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