September Box Office Recap

By Steven Slater

October 5, 2017

Whiteface competition winner.

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3) The LEGO Ninjago Movie

Opening Weekend: $20.4 million
Monthly Total: $31.8 million

Color me shocked that this film did not break out a bit higher, but I guess the magic formula of LEGO’s and ninjas was somehow lacking. Maybe the target audience for that is in their late 30’s, and kids would prefer a LEGO dinosaur movie. Regardless, the LEGO movies have been relatively cheap for animated movies, and so this one should do well in the end. However, given that both previous LEGO movies were over $100 million at this point, this one has to hurt. The LEGO Movie 2 is next for the franchise, so expect that one to do much better, although it is not scheduled to debut until 2019 and does not have Phil Lord or Christopher Miller as directors. Although I hear they now have an opening in their schedule...

4) American Assassin

Opening Weekend: $14.8 million
Monthly Total: $31 million

No, not the Tom Cruise movie, this is the American film that kind of riffs off Taken. Handsome dude’s girlfriend is captured by terrorists, so of course Michael Keaton trains him to kick some extremist ass. Liam Neeson would have been available, except he retired from action movies (just like Steven Soderbergh). The budget was respectably low, and so it has quietly recouped its costs on the domestic front, although do not expect any true profit from this as it makes its way to the bargain bin at Walmart. However, this will be the biggest hit for CBS films, who have had a string of films fall in the $20-$35 million range, such as last year’s Hell or High Water and Patriots Day.


5) The Hitman’s Bodyguard

Monthly Total: $29.8 million

The first holdover from August is the buddy action flick pairing two foul-mouthed actors who tend to have fun. I am sure some of their thunder was stolen by Kingsman, but by then it had amassed an impressive total. This should wind up with a little over $75 million domestic, and more than double that worldwide on the appeal of the stars. This is good news for Ryan Reynolds, as this will be his highest grossing film other than Deadpool since 2012’s Safe House (not including voice work). Meanwhile, Samuel L. Jackson pads his coffers, aiming to become the highest grossing actor again. Unfortunately with Harrison Ford entering theaters this weekend, Jackson will just have to wait for a few more Avengers movies.

6) Home Again

Opening Weekend: $8.6 million
Monthly Total: $24.7 million

The long awaited sequel to Home Alone, when Kevin is trying to go home for the holiday’s and hijinks ensue, keeping him from his destination. Now you want to see it! No, this is the Reese Witherspoon vehicle that falls into a genre that has not seen a true gem in a while, the dreaded romantic comedy. And then I remember The Big Sick technically is a romantic comedy and has quietly earned almost double what Home Again has. While Reese Witherspoon has been producing a very respectable list of films and television projects, her acting career seems to have withered somewhat. Her next acting project is A Wrinkle in Time from Ava DuVernay, so perhaps that will break out.

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