5 Ways to Comic Con: Part Five

By George Rose

September 13, 2017


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The end is here. 5 Ways to Comic Con has finally reached its fifth and final part. That doesn’t mean the good times are over forever… or even for very long. With this final entry, you will have all completed your comic book convention basic training but there is still so much to learn. You started with a crash course about my first few Cons and then got a detailed look at my most recent two day experience. Now, we are going to take everything we’ve learned and give you the concluding chapter. What should we call this final article? Oh yeah, how about… 5 Ways to Prep. And what better way to list how to prepare than by using my upcoming visit to Heroes and Villains Fan Fest as the example?! So, without further adieu, here are the five ways you can best prepare yourself for the next convention making its way to a city near you.

Way to Prep #1: Research

What I’ve known for several weeks now is that on September 16 I will be heading to Secaucus, NJ for a two day mini-convention called Heroes and Villains Fan Fest. I’ve only ever been to Comic Cons in the past but there are too many celebrities now to stuff them all into just a few conventions. So, just like there are TV celebrities and movie celebrities, and DC comics and Marvel Comics, there is Comic Con (the best) and everything else (including Heroes and Villains). Comic Con only makes two stops near me each year, Philly in June and New York in October. Once you smoke some comic book convention from your crack pipe, the addiction spreads quickly. I am in full blown crackhead mode and I can’t get enough of the Con.


Travis, Heather and Michelle (the friends that gave me my first convention high) are now introducing me to Heroes and Villains. Just like Comic Con, there will be shopping, autographs and photo-ops. I have been warned that it’s more similar to a small Philly Comic Con than an epic New York Comic Con. This actually pleases me as you can accomplish more in smaller settings. Even though I’m a Heroes and Villains virgin, I’m a master of the Con and I’m not too concerned with being unfamiliar in a small convention layout. As with any Con, if you have the benefit of knowing in advance that you’re attending the event you can eventually find the list of names, times and prices for each autograph and photograph available.

Weeks ago something became very clear. Movie stars don’t attend this little convention. The majority of the attendees are TV stars. Also, it seems clear that the majority of those TV stars belong to DC Comics related series. This leaves me with mixed feelings. Generally, I prefer Marvel over DC. Also, I prefer movies over TV. However, I think it is semi-common knowledge that TV is the one place where DC has a tiny edge over Marvel. Then again, I don’t really watch DC or Marvel shows. Movies, yes, all the above. TV? Not so much. Do you think this is going to deter me? Not in the slightest.

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