5 Ways to Comic Con: Part Five

By George Rose

September 13, 2017


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Why would I waste my time spending money and time on celebrities when I don’t watch the shows they are appearing at a convention to promote? Because it doesn’t matter why they are there or what they are promoting. The fact of the matter is, celebrities show up and take your cash no matter what you are stalking them for. The biggest shows appearing at Heroes and Villains are from Arrow, The Flash, Gotham and Agents of Shield. I couldn’t tell you a single thing happening on any of those shows. Most of the celebs showing up are from Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow, neither of which I have seen even thirty seconds of. But, with a little research you can find a treasure trove of reasons to meet them. To show you what I mean, here is the list of the celebrities I’m excited to meet, along with the reason they are there and the reason I care to meet them:

Stephen Amell. This is the biggest celebrity of the convention. His picture and autograph will cost the most money. Famous for: Arrow (title character). Why George cares: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 (Casey Jones).

Robbie Amell. He is the cousin of Stephen but not as famous, though I find him more attractive. Famous for: The Flash (Firestorm). Why George cares: The Duff (hot guy).


Brandon Routh. Despite once playing Superman, he is now relegated to second tier status on DC TV. Famous for: Legends of Tomorrow (The Atom). Why George cares: Superman Returns (title character) and Scott Pilgrim vs the World (Todd Ingram).

Katie Cassidy. Aside from the Amell’s and Routh, many of these names probably aren’t familiar to you. Famous for: Arrow (Black Canary). Why George cares: Monte Carlo (because I love cheesy Selena Gomez movies).

Willa Holland. Again, I’m so happy celebrities I love are finally getting some attention because I feel like most people don’t know who Willa is. Famous for: Arrow (Speedy). Why George cares: The O.C. (oh yes, Mischa Barton’s little sister).

David Mazouz. I’ve never met a teenage celebrity so I can only imagine how I’ll ruin it. Famous for: Gotham (young Bruce Wayne). Why George cares: I don’t but it’s Batman.

Way to Prep #2: Dress Code (this does not discuss cosplay since I haven’t done that… yet)

Stephen Amell will only be there Sunday so that means the Stephen/Robbie double photo-op that we have tickets for is on Sunday. Why is knowing this important? Because that means Sunday would be the day to wear a shirt that somehow idolizes one or both of those actors. Since The Duff was a small movie, I don’t have anything to wear for it. Robbie is my favorite star at this convention, though, so I had a custom had made in his honor. Since I don’t care about Arrow, that means between the Amells’ show/movies I care about most that I have a related shirt for is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. That’s probably what I’ll wear for Sunday.

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