Weekend Wrap-Up

Despicable Decent, Baby Driver Revs It Up

By John Hamann

July 2, 2017

Yellow is the new black.

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Critical and commercial success rarely go hand in hand, but with Baby Driver, that is exactly what we have. Rotten Tomatoes had only five negative reviews out of a possible 191, giving it a 97% fresh rating. The Cinemascore came in at an A-, very strong for this sort of film. Baby Driver could easily stay in play for a large part of the summer. The only big issue it has is that Sony went quite wide right off the top, opening the film at 3,226 locations. Overseas, Baby Driver is opening only in the UK and a few other smaller markets this weekend, and will roll out around the globe over the summer. Scott Pilgrim earned half of its global take in the UK, so Baby Driver will be looking to have a strong start there this weekend.

Third is last weekend's domestic disaster, Transformers: The Last Knight, which opened to $44.7 million last weekend. On its second Friday, Transformers 5 fell 70%, and that wasn't because of Thursday previews over opening weekend (this one opened on a Wednesday). The weekend came in at $17 million, off a nasty (but beautiful) 62% compared to last weekend. The $217 million release now has a domestic total of $102.1 million, but it will likely be bailed out given the fact that the overseas total has easily crossed the $325 million mark already.

Fourth spot goes to the impenetrable Wonder Woman, which continues to be a force at the box office after five weekends of release. The longer it plays, though, the more it has to fight for its screen count, as the Warner Bros./DC Comics release lost 529 screens this weekend. Still, Wonder Woman finished as the 15th biggest fifth weekend ever, earning a still amazing $16.1 million. Because of those lost screens, Wonder Woman dips 35%, but considering the Gal Gadot release already had $330 million in the tank before the weekend began, who is going to complain? The domestic take has now hit $346.6 million, with the overseas total running at $361 million.

Fifth is Cars 3, which gets absolutely devastated by Despicable Me 3. The third Cars film earned $9.5 million and dropped a wild 60%. The total now for the Pixar/Disney release stands at $120.7 million, as it will need another weekend to get out of the Pixar basement, currently occupied by The Good Dinosaur with a Pixar-brand low of $125.2 million. It may get out of the basement, but will always be bottom two, as the second lowest Pixar film is Cars 2, at $211.7 million, a number the third Cars film will never reach domestically.

Sixth is The House, the latest in a series of failed comedies to hit the box office recently. The Will Ferrell/Amy Poehler comedy earned $9 million over its opening frame, despite being out to 3,134 venues. The marketing was terrible, reviews were terrible (17% fresh at Rotten Tomatoes), and even the Cinemascore was terrible at a B-. The $40 million comedy will be a memory in only a weekend or two.

Seventh is 47 Meters Down, the thriller with sharks and Mandy Moore. 47 Meters Down earned another $4.7 million this weekend and was off 34%. The total now for this small $5 million flick has hit $32.6 million.


Eighth is Sofia Coppola's latest flick, The Beguiled, which was out to four theaters last weekend and expands to 674 this frame. The film, which stars Nicole Kidman, Colin Farrell, Elle Fanning and Kirsten Dunst, earned $3.3 million this weekend, giving it a decent but not spectacular venue average of $4,836. The movie is 77% fresh at Rotten Tomatoes, and will have to rely on word-of-mouth to compete.

Ninth is The Mummy, as the Tom Cruise flick hits its death throes domestically. The Mummy earned a lean $2.8 million this weekend, and fell 54%, leaving the Universal flick with a sad domestic total of $74.5 million. The $125 million film is literally being bailed out overseas, where it has already earned over $275 million.

Tenth is Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, another of our overseas bailouts. Pirates 5 earned $2.4 million on the domestic side this weekend, dropping 55% and bringing the North American total up to $165.5 million. Overseas though, the $230 million film has earned over a half billion dollars.

Finishing just outside of the top ten is The Big Sick, which opened on only 71 screens, but still managed to earn a powerful $1.7 million. The comedy is 9'7% fresh at Rotten Tomatoes, and could have a wild ride throughout the summer.

Overall this weekend, one might think the almost $100 million one-two of Despicable Me 3 and Baby Driver, plus a lame weekend at the box office last year, would put the box office on top for once. Unfortunately, the top 12 films this year earned $171.9 million, whereas last year, despite Tarzan tanking and leaving Finding Dory on top for the third straight weekend, that top 12 took in $182 million. Next weekend brings the next great hope for box office resurrection, as Spider-Man: Homecoming debuts on more than 4,000 screens.

Top Ten for Weekend of
Estimated Gross (millions)
Weekly Change
Running Total (millions)
1 Despicable Me 3 Universal 75.4 New 75.4
2 Baby Driver Sony 21.0 New 30.0
3 Transformers: The Last Night Paramount 17.0 -62% 102.1
4 Wonder Woman Warner Bros. 16.1 -35% 346.6
5 Cars 3 Walt Disney Co. 9.5 -60% 120.7
6 The House Warner Bros. 9.0 New 9.0
7 47 Meters Down Entertainment Studios 4.7 -34% 32.6
8 The Beguiled Focus 3.3 +1,322% 3.6
9 The Mummy Universal 2.8 -54% 74.5
10 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Walt Disney Co. 2.4 -55% 165.5
11 All Eyez on Me Lionsgate 1.9 -68% 42.7
12 The Big Sick Lionsgate 1.7 +297% 2.2

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