The Amazing Race Season 29 Recap

I Thought We Were Playing It Nice

By David Mumpower

May 25, 2017


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Previously on The Amazing Race, we were down to six teams, and then Liz & Michael had a brutal leg. It wasn’t that they performed poorly. After a single navigational error, they outplayed Team Fun. They should have avoided elimination.

But Brooke is on The Amazing Race this year.

Brooke, the woman who once begged Michael for help, had zero problem U-Turning him. What’s interesting about that that decision is that after receiving his previous aid, she’d sworn never to U-Turn his team. Believe it or not, Brooke is a villainess who cannot be trusted! Let us take a moment to check out your shocked faces. That’s strange. We’re not seeing any.

Anyway, Liz & Michael had a nice moment at the end of the leg, but they were eliminated from the game. It’s probably for the best. In another couple of legs, they might have wound up in a murder/suicide. Both of them have a temper, Michael’s being much more intense/scary.

Tonight’s leg begins in Athens, Greece. Any team that’s not happy at the start of today’s leg needs to brush up on world history. Team Mom and Dad aka Tara and Joey finished in first place and are the first team to depart. They leave at 2:40 p.m. That’s early enough in the day that this leg might not involve bunching.

The first destination is Corinth Canal. And the gap from first to last place is fairly significant. Team Fun doesn’t depart until 5:23 p.m., a gap of almost four hours. They claim that they’re #Funstoppable. What they were last week was #Funtunate. Without the U-Turn by Brooke, they’d be home right now.


At Corinth Canal, the players have to bungee jump off the bridge into the walled canal below. Phil points out that this Road Block was last done in season nine. The Amazing Race has been on television so long that they have to repeat themselves.

Anyway, Joey does this challenge and handles it like a star. After it’s over, he calmly asks the Greek dudes handling the apparatus, “Is my hair still good?” He receives a hearty high-five from one of them. Joey’s a great guy.

But wait!

We spoke too soon about the bunching. The next destination is Hanoi, Vietnam. So, the bungee jump is just for the cool visual. And maybe some punishment. The ONE thing that Scott and Brooke have done well this season is divide the Road Blocks. After nine of them, she’s done five (thanks, Michael!) while he has done four. So, he blindly chooses to do this one.

As a reminder from a previous episode, Scott is petrified of heights. His lone wish during the drive to the Road Block is that he doesn’t have to do a bungee jump. The producers of the show just might hate him…which is valid. Scott gives great drama queen, ranting that he has done four Road Blocks so far, and three of them have involved heights.

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