Survivor: Game Changers Recap

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

By David Mumpower

May 24, 2017

Wait, how did Michaela make it this far in the first place?

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Previously on Survivor, Sarah informed Cirie of her competitive advantage in the game. Cirie promptly swore that they were friends to the end. Since this is Survivor, one of them will be feasting on the other's entrails by the end of the season.

An odd symmetry happened when Sierra told Sarah that she had a Legacy Advantage. Sarah did to Sierra what Cirie will presumably due to her soon. Sierra got voted out of the game, taking the best player this season off the board. It was a rare misstep for Sierra and worked as further proof that Sarah's a quietly devious player.

The brutal part of the betrayal is that Sierra willed her Legacy Advantage to Sarah. People rarely give parting gifts for treachery. The entire series of events makes us wonder if we've possibly overestimated Sierra while underestimating Sarah. The final answer on that depends on whether Sarah reaches the end of the game or not. She certainly has the odds stacking up in her favor right now.

Tonight's episode begins on night 32 at Maku Maku. Brad and Troyzan, the impotent dudes outnumbered by the women, grumble about Michaela. They're not alone. Andrea and Aubry are trying to suss out what happened. They settle on the fact that Sarah's not trustworthy.

Right on cue, Sarah gloats about manipulating Sierra into giving her the Legacy Advantage. She can also steal a vote, giving her a lot of power in the game. Sarah notes that her primary target is Andrea for a basic reason. Sarah doesn't like Andrea. Okay, we're still on her sucking at gameplay, even if she's great at manipulation. Petty people rarely win on Survivor. Err, they don't win when they're being petty. Most Survivor winners are garbage humans.

Probst sighting!


Hmm, the six-minute mark of the episode is an Immunity Challenge. This must be a double elimination episode. The challenge is a balancing system where a person balances a plate with one hand while building a stack of Survivor pieces with the other.

The worst part of the challenge happens when Aubry refers to Cochran as her boyfriend. The fact that somebody could have a crush on him is alarming. We're fine with the union as long as they promise never to appear on television again, though.

Probst informs everyone that the record for the challenge is 17 minutes. They almost show the season 29 version in real time. Aubry defeats the challenge in six minutes, absolutely shattering the record and thereby winning her first challenge. She immediately lists Brad Culpepper as her target for the vote.

Cut to Michaela. She's hungry and expects the menfolk to hunt for food. Specifically, she wants Brad Culpepper to go fish. She isn't subtle about it, either. She hunts him down in the woods. Then, she tells him to go fish. He's shocked by her temerity. He views what she's doing as a demand from someone in a power position to a person with lesser status within the tribe.

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