5 A Bunch of Ways to Prep - Alien: Covenant

By George Rose

May 17, 2017

Surprisingly not a goofy '80s music video.

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1991 – Fox doesn’t learn their lesson and pushes forward with Alien 3, rushing the production and throwing some nobody director (David Fincher) into the mix in the middle of it all. You know what else happens in 1991? Cameron and Schwarzenegger team up again for Terminator 2. It explodes at the box office, crowning Cameron as king of both action films and sequels. Fox starts crying because every time they let someone direct an Alien movie they go on to bigger and better things, while Fox is left without a ship captain like they had with George Lucas.

1992 – Alien 3 is released. It is not referred to as a classic in any sense of the word. Domestically, it earns much less than its predecessors. Internationally it makes a little more money than the first two, so the studio barely saves face.

1993 – Fox can’t continue with Predator because the second one didn’t do well. They want to continue with the still barely successful Alien franchise but they have no creative team that guarantees success. So, since Cameron is king of the world, they decide maybe action is the way to go instead of horror and they ask him to return to Alien 4. He, like Ridley Scott, doesn’t like the idea that Fox still wants to do an Alien vs. Predator film. Cameron passes on the Alien franchise.


1994 – Cameron and Schwarzenegger reunite again for a little film called True Lies. They are such a dynamic duo that they were given a $115 million budget and turned it into a $375+ million earner. Fox pushes forward with Alien 4 because even if it’s crap it will still make them a few dollars and everyone else they know is making money so why not them?

1995 – David Fincher releases Se7en. It cost $33 million to make and earns almost $330 million worldwide. Ridley Scott. James Cameron. David Fincher. Three amazing directors that worked on Alien movies, got rejected from follow-up films and went on to do great things. Fox craps the bed.

1996 – Alien: Resurrection is released. It is set 200 years after Alien 3 and features Sigourney Weaver as a clone of herself; without creative consistency, all you are left with is a franchise regular to bank on. It cost $75 million to make and earns $160 million worldwide. The cost vs. profits percentage is starting to make these films not worth making. The franchise dies. Oh, and James Cameron releases Titanic in the same month. It goes on to make around $2 billion worldwide and becomes the biggest movie ever.

1997 – Cameron and Titanic go on to make Oscar history and win the most awards ever. Fox continues crying. Why can’t they have a Star Wars or a Titanic? Boo hoo for Fox.

1998 – George Lucas begins production on a new set of Star Wars movies. Fox has no control over it. They will, however, take a quick $50 million paycheck to distribute the movies. All other profits will go to Lucas. Also, George Rose turns 13-years-old. He can now watch PG-13 movies (his parents are strict), he gets a TV for his bedroom for his birthday, and he becomes crazy obsessed with movies - especially horror, adventure and superhero movies.

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