5 Ways to Prep: Snatched

By George Rose

May 10, 2017

Shouldn't you be in a playoff somewhere?

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Trainwreck is about a drunken slut who falls in love, exactly what you’d expect from Amy Schumer. However, it’s directed by comedy legend Judd Apatow (The 40-Year-Old Virgin in 2005 and Knocked Up in 2007) who gave the film a hint of the drama-comedy tone. So, basically, you feel bad for this drunken slut. As a former drunk ho myself, I already had sympathy for this character, but together this actor/director combo bring plenty of smiles and sadness to this amazing first effort from the true talent that is Schumer. There is no better movie to prepare you for Snatched since it was the first test of Schumer’s appeal as a lead actress. Now let’s see if she can continue that hot streak.

2) The First Wives Club (1996)

Snatched is about a mother and daughter who go on a trip and get snatched up. Snatch is also another way of saying vagina, which is why Snatched is such an obvious yet clever way of titling a tale about a drunken slut (Schumer) and her mom (Goldie Hawn) that get kidnapped while in a foreign country on vacation. Hawn, a comedy icon herself, hasn’t appeared in a movie in 15 years (2002’s The Banger Sisters). This is a welcome return for this ageless beauty (with the help of a few surgical procedures) and is a perfect casting match with Schumer.

First Wives Club is about three lifelong friends who all have their husbands leave them for younger snatch… I mean women. They form a club, get revenge on their men and celebrate the bond of sisterhood. Of all the Goldie Hawn movies I could pick, I chose First Wives Club because she portrays an actress in her 50s (I mean, late 40s) who refuses to accept her age and gets mad when she is asked to star in a play as the mother, not the younger lead. In 2017, Hawn is now 71 years old pretending to be in her 50s as the mother of Schumer in Snatched. It’s wrong what men have done to women in Hollywood, but at least these two talented actresses are given a shot to star in a movie about women without the help of men. Unless, of course, you count the director…


3) Warm Bodies (2013)

Even though there are more female-centric movies than there used to be and women are starting to get more comparable pay to men, you still don’t see many movies directed by women, unless it’s a comic book movie studio that’s been criticized for not featuring more women. DC Comics will have a woman direct the female-led Wonder Woman movie this June and Marvel (ya big dummies) hired both a man and a woman combo pack to direct the female-led Captain Marvel due in 2019, but Snatched is directed by a man. It’s written by a woman and stars A-list ladies, but this is Hollywood and by golly we can’t trust the sensibilities and spending habits of a woman with action, comedy or a big budget. Ugh, Hollywood, if I didn’t love sleeping with men so much, I’d hate you all.

Snatched is directed by Jonathan Levine, who received a bit of acclaim for 2008’s The Wackness and 2011’s 50/50. However, it was not until the 2013 release of Warm Bodies that I came to understand this man’s talent. It’s a mother f-ing zombie comedy romance. It also introduces new concepts to the mythology of zombies never before seen on film, like the idea that eating human brains gives zombies the ability to see that person’s memories, or the idea that zombies can be cured with love and not an anti-virus. My mind was blown. I love zombie movies and Warm Bodies revolutionizes that genre. If I were going to trust a man with my movie about women, Jonathan Levine might just be that guy.

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