Survivor: Game Changers

There's a New Sheriff In Town - Part 2

By Jim Van Nest, BOP Game Changer

April 24, 2017

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She lets Sarah in on the secret, which kind of puts her in the middle. She's not sure what to do. She can see the plusses of getting rid of Zeke or Ozzy. She just needs to decide which is the best route for her to take for the end game. Should be interesting, that's for sure.

Jeff asks Ozzy about the difference in this season to his others. He says there is much more urgency in everyone's game. They're really playing hard and there's like espionage around every tree. Jeff suggests that there have been so many switches that maybe people don't know who's aligned with whom. Sarah suggests that everyone is acting like singles looking to hook up. How important is immunity, Tai? Super important. He just really wanted to compete with and beat Ozzy. Jeff asks Ozzy how he felt going back to camp. He says he talked to as many people as he could and that he has serious value in the game. There's nothing to eat and he's feeding them. Which means that after 4 times playing this game, Ozzy STILL doesn't get it. No one cares if you're feeding them. I mean, they care. They'll eat what you bring in. But if you think for one second that they'll keep you in the game over someone else because you fish - then you definitely haven't learned a thing from all the times you've played. Aubry, Zeke and Tai all speak to how much different this season is compared to the first time they played. Everyone is cagier and there are mind games a plenty. And with that it's time to vote. We see Sierra vote for Ozzy with no comment. We see Andrea vote for Zeke and she is still NOT happy with him. When Cirie votes, we don't see who she wrote down, but her comment was about just wanting to spice things up a bit. As Jeff heads up to tally the votes, Debbie stops him and lets him know that she wants to use her extra vote. We don't see who she voted for, but we can assume she's 2 votes for Ozzy.


Let's hear it, Jeff! First vote - Ozzy. Zeke. Sierra. Aubry. Then we start alternating Zeke and Ozzy until they're tied 4-4. And the final 2 votes - Ozzy. Ozzy is the 2nd person on the jury. And thus ends the legendary Survivor career of Ozzy. He ended his 4 season arc on Survivor with the worst showing of his career. And the bottom line is that providing for your tribe and beasting out challenges is not enough to keep you in this game. Once again, Ozzy did not have the social game to have people lined up to vote with him and he was taken out as soon as he didn't have the protection of the immunity necklace. When we see the votes, we see that Zeke voted for Aubry, so I guess he was sticking with the plan Sierra told him. And then the vote to spice things up went to Sierra from Cirie. What a nice little shot across the bow to let Sierra know that she's not flying under the radar. Someone knows how she's playing and is coming for her. What a fantastic little mind-effing move by Cirie.

Next time on Survivor: Andrea looks like she's going to confront Zeke right after Tribal. It looks like she's declaring war on Zeke to me. Meanwhile the alliance of Debbie, Sierra, Brad, Troy and Tai seems to have brought Sarah into the fold making them unbeatable. Then we see Sarah suggesting to Zeke that they could make a move. So, it would seem that there are some moves and twists and turns left in this season after all. Can't wait to come back here next week and talk to you all about it. Til then, take care!

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