Survivor: Game Changers
There's a New Sheriff In Town - Part 2
By Jim Van Nest, BOP Game Changer
April 24, 2017

Read Part 1 here!

Hello good people! Hopefully you all aren't like super missing David and Kim right now and are ok with me coming back to tell you about Part 2 of Survivor's double episode. When last we spoke, which was either yesterday or like 2 minutes ago if you just read Part 1, Hali was removed from the game for no real reason at all. Michaela was spared from the vote after being targeted for no real reason at all. Cirie saved her life in the game by voting for her...wha??? And everyone is now heading back to camp right after the Tribal Council. Andrea suggested that some lines might be drawn in that vote, but I can't help but think they did little more than remove a pawn from the game, leaving everything still wide open. Though, if the Ozzy, Cirie, Zeke, Andrea and Sarah alliance can hold together, they do have the shot to pull in Michaela now and take over this game. With Cirie running the show, it's definitely shaping up to be very entertaining.

And right after Hali's final words, we head back to camp and join everyone as they eat breakfast. Michaela is over the moon with Cirie keeping her in the game. Cirie lays it out that the rest of the group can't know what happened last night and that they should now have trust. Michaela tells us that Cirie has a better handle on the game and she's just going to defer to her because she doesn't want to mess up Cirie's game. Speaking of Cirie's game, she's taking it in the jungle with Zeke and Aubry now. Cirie is now targeting Sierra and Zeke, Andrea, Sarah and Michaela are down. She's trying to pull Aubry in, but Aubry is happy to play along on Team Cirie for now. Zeke and Andrea are talking about Brad and Sierra needing to go home. Andrea doesn't want to include Debbie or Tai in any of their plans. Zeke is starting to waiver a little. He feels that Cirie and Andrea are calling all the shots and they're trying to take control of the game. He wants to take control of the game. He tells us that Brad and Sierra aren't near the threats that Cirie and Andrea are. So, he's thinking about making a move against them right now while they're not expecting it. We'll call this move, "Zeke didn't learn from the last time he played." He was in with David and they could have run the game together. Instead, he got power hungry and greedy and he went home because of it. Now, he's gonna try the same move again, with people who've played the game before. Can't help but think the results will be the same.

We come back from break to a Probst Sighting!! Today's reward challenge will have them broken into 2 teams of 6. 2 people will start off retrieving a net full of heavy wooden fish. Once the net is on land, another 2 will untie the fish and put them on hooks. Once all the fish are on hooks, they'll carry them to the final 2 players who will put together a fish puzzle. The reward today is a day of luxury at the *Insert Sponsor here* spa day. Showers, robes, lotions and burgers. They all seem to think it's worth playing for.

In the water are Culpepper and Sarah for orange and Troy and Ozzy for blue. Culpepper and Sarah get their net untied first, but as they head into shore, one of the fish gets lose and floats out to sea. Sarah goes out to retrieve it and then to catch up with Brad. This little mishap has allowed Troy and Ozzy to catch up and get to shore first. Andrea and Tai start untying fish for blue. Shortly after, Aubry and Michaela start to untie for orange. Andrea and Tai get finished and start to carry the fish to the puzzle board. But wait, they forgot a fish and have to go back to get it. This allows Aubry and Michaela to pass them up and hand off the pieces to Sierra and Cirie to begin the puzzle. Andrea and Tai get their fish and bring them all up to Zeke and Debbie. Ultimately, a lot of time is spent not making much progress and then Zeke thinks he has it figured out. They put the last piece down and call Jeff over. Zeke, Debbie, Andrea, Tai, Troy and Ozzy win reward!

We come back from break with the losers of the challenge. Once again, they are all upset. Especially Cirie and Sierra who blew the puzzle. They're both on the edge of breaking down feeling like they let their team down. You can tell the game is starting to get to them, especially Cirie. She's normally very cool and collected, but this time, she's taking it really hard.

Time to check in with the winners. The spa area is super-duper. Ozzy loves it. Andrea loves the smell and can't wait to get in the shower. As some of them sit around combing hair and stuff, Tai decides to go streaking through their little pow wow. Like they did in the 80s. Or 70s or 60s. Sometime, dammit! Zeke goes to Debbie and Tai, of all people, and suggests now might be the time to go after Cirie and Andrea. He tells them that Andrea didn't want him to talk to them - which is true, but Debbie, in her ultimate wisdom, doesn't believe him. She tells us that she doesn't believe anything he's saying and that if she wants to make a move, she doesn't need Zeke to make it. There is just terrible strategy all around here. First off, why would Zeke go down this road? He's trying to break off an alliance of 5 (maybe 6) to join the other side and be at the bottom of their 5 (maybe 6)? What kind of sense does that make?? And Debbie is so delusional that there's no way people could be trying to keep stuff from her, Zeke is obviously lying. It's like the keystone cops trying to play Survivor here and for a season called "Game Changers", it's a bit frustrating.

We come back from break to another Probst Sighting! And a very familiar challenge. It's the "Climb to the top of a pole and hang on for dear life" challenge. Probst is quick to point out that Ozzy has won this challenge twice. I'm quick to point out that he didn't go up against Tai and Andrea before. Either way - it seems clear to me that those will be the three battling it out for immunity here. Cirie, Culpepper, Aubry, Debbie, Zeke, Sierra, Troy and Sarah drop out pretty quickly. Ozzy and Tai look like they could sit there all day. Michaela had a very good showing, but she finally drops out. When Jeff asks what happened, she said that Ozzy wasn't getting off that pole, so she'll choose another battle. 40 minutes in and Tai and Ozzy haven't moved. Andrea is showing signs of fatigue and finally drops out. After an hour, both guys are showing some signs that the challenge is getting to them. At the 1 hour 35 minute mark, we start to see a chink in the Ozzy armor. He's getting very restless out there. Tai is also finally starting to move. After a few minutes of struggling, Ozzy finally lets go and Tai wins immunity! Tai is thrilled, not only to have won, but to have lasted as long (outlasted actually) the in Ozzy.

We come back from break for a nice game of, "It's anyone, Andrea? Zeke? Michaela? Sierra?" Hell, I don't know who's in trouble! Zeke comes back to camp ready to make a move on Andrea. SO, he goes to Sierra to let her know that they're coming for her. He throws Cirie, Andrea and Aubry completely under the bus. But, Sierra isn't buying it. Which is the second time in 2 segments that Zeke is telling someone the honest truth and the listener doesn't believe him. I can't help but think that Zeke is in some trouble here. No one believes him and at the rate he's going, he's about to become an island unto himself out there. So, Sierra goes right to Cirie to ask what he deal is. She tells Cirie that Zeke said they were coming for her. So Cirie takes that back to Ozzy and Andrea. Andrea is pissed and can't understand what the hell Zeke is trying to do here. They decide that they have to get rid of Zeke. They bring Sarah in on the move and she's down for it. Debbie and Sierra are in the hammock discussing who to go after. Sierra kinda feels like it has to be Zeke. Debbie suggests surprising them. Sierra thinks, "Aubry?" Debbie says, "We vote Ozzy." She says they'll never expect it. They decide they're doing. Debbie locks in Troyzan and Tai. Debbie tells us that she also has the extra vote and is not afraid to use it if she thinks she needs 1 more vote.

She lets Sarah in on the secret, which kind of puts her in the middle. She's not sure what to do. She can see the plusses of getting rid of Zeke or Ozzy. She just needs to decide which is the best route for her to take for the end game. Should be interesting, that's for sure.

Jeff asks Ozzy about the difference in this season to his others. He says there is much more urgency in everyone's game. They're really playing hard and there's like espionage around every tree. Jeff suggests that there have been so many switches that maybe people don't know who's aligned with whom. Sarah suggests that everyone is acting like singles looking to hook up. How important is immunity, Tai? Super important. He just really wanted to compete with and beat Ozzy. Jeff asks Ozzy how he felt going back to camp. He says he talked to as many people as he could and that he has serious value in the game. There's nothing to eat and he's feeding them. Which means that after 4 times playing this game, Ozzy STILL doesn't get it. No one cares if you're feeding them. I mean, they care. They'll eat what you bring in. But if you think for one second that they'll keep you in the game over someone else because you fish - then you definitely haven't learned a thing from all the times you've played. Aubry, Zeke and Tai all speak to how much different this season is compared to the first time they played. Everyone is cagier and there are mind games a plenty. And with that it's time to vote. We see Sierra vote for Ozzy with no comment. We see Andrea vote for Zeke and she is still NOT happy with him. When Cirie votes, we don't see who she wrote down, but her comment was about just wanting to spice things up a bit. As Jeff heads up to tally the votes, Debbie stops him and lets him know that she wants to use her extra vote. We don't see who she voted for, but we can assume she's 2 votes for Ozzy.

Let's hear it, Jeff! First vote - Ozzy. Zeke. Sierra. Aubry. Then we start alternating Zeke and Ozzy until they're tied 4-4. And the final 2 votes - Ozzy. Ozzy is the 2nd person on the jury. And thus ends the legendary Survivor career of Ozzy. He ended his 4 season arc on Survivor with the worst showing of his career. And the bottom line is that providing for your tribe and beasting out challenges is not enough to keep you in this game. Once again, Ozzy did not have the social game to have people lined up to vote with him and he was taken out as soon as he didn't have the protection of the immunity necklace. When we see the votes, we see that Zeke voted for Aubry, so I guess he was sticking with the plan Sierra told him. And then the vote to spice things up went to Sierra from Cirie. What a nice little shot across the bow to let Sierra know that she's not flying under the radar. Someone knows how she's playing and is coming for her. What a fantastic little mind-effing move by Cirie.

Next time on Survivor: Andrea looks like she's going to confront Zeke right after Tribal. It looks like she's declaring war on Zeke to me. Meanwhile the alliance of Debbie, Sierra, Brad, Troy and Tai seems to have brought Sarah into the fold making them unbeatable. Then we see Sarah suggesting to Zeke that they could make a move. So, it would seem that there are some moves and twists and turns left in this season after all. Can't wait to come back here next week and talk to you all about it. Til then, take care!