The Amazing Race Season 29: Episode 3

Bucket List Type Stuff

By David Mumpower and Kim Hollis

April 17, 2017

The final teams are going to be everyone we hate. We know it.

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The bad news for Olive & Seth is that the Boys show up at the marketplace. They’re in seventh place. They’ve actually passed Sara & Shamir! Olive & Seth’s best bet at this point is for Shamir to blow up. The good news for them is that the odds of this happening are about nine in ten.

The Pit Stop is at Emerson on Hurumzi, and we wouldn’t be mentioning it unless a team were about to finish this leg. Sure enough, Liz & Michael finish in first place for the second straight leg. They win a trip for two to Amsterdam, where BOP’s Reagen Sulewski was last week. Hopefully, they dig it more than he did. Or we did when we visited. That Red Light district isn’t as sexy as you might imagine. Actually, it’s pretty creepy and kind of depressing. But we digress.

Not a lot of suspense occurs with the next few teams, although we should mention that the Boys once again tear through a challenge. As Scott aptly summarizes, “Two Detours and a Roadblock before ALL of us did one each.” It was an extremely impressive performance. Apparently, Matt & Redmond respond well to a challenge. Anyway, Tara & Joey finish second, with Vanck & Ashton are third, and then the Boys show up right behind them in fourth.

The Boys have a lot of gloat in their voice when they realize how close they came to beating the team that U-Turned them. Redmond also gets to take this shot: “I like Vanck. I just don’t like Ashton.” Her rejoinder is, “I have plenty of other friends.” Judging by the reaction the two get out of one another, we’re pretty sure we’re in act one of a romantic comedy. They’ll be a couple by episode five, break up in episode nine, and then reunite to cross the finish line together in the season finale. Seriously, Ashton haaaaaaaates Redmond. It’s unhealthy.

While this news is less exciting, London & Logan wind up in fifth, and Brooke & Scott finish sixth. The suspense is in the bottom third of the teams, starting with a bit of drama involving Brooke. She was a bit too generous on some of her purchases and ran out of money (!) before finishing her grocery list. She asks for some money back from one of the vendors, who is understandably…reluctant. Eventually, she finds a manager who gives her $10 back, enough to finish the leg. So, only two teams are in danger now.

Finally, Olive & Seth show up, but they’re still in a world of hurt, as Becca & Floyd are almost ready to depart. The lead must be at least half an hour. Olive will have to crush this Road Block for her team to have any hope. We’re so dubious that we start debating whether this is a non-elimination leg.

While Sara does have enough money to finish her grocery shopping, she has another problem. She’s spent every dollar that her team has for this leg. They have to ask their cab driver if he’ll take them to the Pit Stop anyway. He kindly consents.

Olive & Seth just can’t catch any breaks. The team didn’t perform a money exchange when they arrived in Tanzania. So, they still have some Brazilian money. While it has a lot of value (three Brazilian dollars is roughly the equivalent of one American dollar), a vendor expresses confusion when she tries to pay with it. He asks for help and is eventually told that it’s not worth anything in Tanzania. Olive pleads her case, pointing out that they can perform a money exchange at a bank on the corner, and they eventually relent.


Assuming that the producers aren’t doing an editing trick, we have a good idea about the timeline here. Sara & Shamir drove off about five minutes ago according to Seth. He thinks it’s faster to run, and they have no money to pay a driver anyway. So, Olive & Seth sprint to the Pit Stop.


Moments ago, Team Fun was joking with Phil about the Excitement Meter that Becca has on her button. Now, the mood has changed, and they’ve realized something. They have suffered a catastrophe. They’ve LOST THEIR PASSPORTS! Phil cannot check them in without their passports.

Becca isn’t having fun right now. We’ll quote her. “You are an absolute idiot, dude! Zip your ** fanny pack. Are you kidding me?” She even fakes a punch to the face, which scares him so much that he flinches. This is a disappointing turn of events.

Team NotFun heads to the office of the taxi service they had used. They ask if anyone has found a passport. The man behind the counter hands them a phone. As they start to call their driver, they head outside…where their driver is waiting with their passports. HAPPY ENDING!!!

Meanwhile, Sara & Shamir check in. It’s down to Team Fun vs. Team America. Only seconds after the seventh team arrives, Becca & Floyd show up with their passports. Alas, that means that Olive & Seth are the last team at the Pit Stop. They are eliminated from the race, making Tara & Joey’s use of the U-Turn an extremely smart play. This was clearly a dangerous team.

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