The Amazing Race Season 29: Episode 3

Bucket List Type Stuff

By David Mumpower and Kim Hollis

April 17, 2017

The final teams are going to be everyone we hate. We know it.

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Ashton bristles at their behavior and notes to Scott that this is the second mark against Matt & Redmond. The Boys think it’s hysterical. They’re the only ones playing to win rather than playing fair. Let’s see if their brash nature comes back to bite them.

With the clue located, the race is on to the U-Turn board at a beach in Zanzibar. Tara & Joey are the first team to arrive, and they choose to use the U-Turn on a pair that had said earlier that they expected it: Seth & Olive aka Team America. There’s no animus here. It’s because other teams think Seth & Olive are a huge threat. Vanck & Ashton arrive second, and they breathlessly call out the names of Matt & Redmond. So yes, the brash nature did come to bite them. In like 90 seconds of show time.

The episode’s first Detour is Build It Or Weave It. Build It requires players to build school desks for students. Once they’re finished, they must get approval from a local carpenter and then take a class in Swahili. Weave It asks teams to weave a pair of baskets, which sounds laborious. Build It is the obvious choice, but the teams facing a U-Turn must do both. Seth & Olive and Matt & Redmond are currently the most likely teams to be eliminated tonight.

Amusingly, the Boys chase Vanck & Ashton down the beach, offering joking (we think) threats about how they’ll regret this choice. Ashton curtly states the truth. This wouldn’t have happened if Matt & Redmond had just followed the rules. If you’re going to take shortcuts on The Amazing Race, either do it when nobody’s paying attention or wait until the later rounds when grudges have a natural time limit.


Also amusingly, Tara & Joey aka Team Mom and Dad realize that the other teams think so little of the Boys that they can frame Matt & Redmond. They challenge the Boys about who U-Turned Olive & Seth, pretending like they didn’t do it. The Boys swear their innocence, and both teams know that’s true. It’s smart of Tara & Joey, though. The only people who know the truth are Vanck & Ashton, and it’s not like those two are going to defend Matt & Redmond’s honor.

The only team that willingly picks Weave It is Team LoLo. London & Logan want to do it because London is an artist who does a lot of crochet. Like, that’s her job. She does large scale crochet designs for major firms across the country. They even show her doing crochet blindfolded during her pitch to be on The Amazing Race. And EVEN SHE can’t do Weave It satisfactorily. Both players agree to switch to Build It.

The Boys also start Weave It first, ostensibly to get the worst part over with. Seth & Olive, their primary competitors at the moment, go the other way and start with Build It. They absolutely crush the challenge and are somehow the first team to finish despite being the one of the last duos to arrive. Liz & Michael are right behind them and thereby in first place after the Detour.

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