Survivor: Game Changers Recap

What Happens on Exile, Stays on Exile

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

April 13, 2017

The most uncomfortable moment in Survivor history.

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Previously on Survivor, we said farewell to the Queen. After winning two seasons and making it much, much farther in Game Changers than she should have, Sandra Diaz-Twine was finally voted out of the game. She's still the best ever, as far as we're concerned. If these players had been smart, she would have been the first person voted out.

Still, with Sandra gone, a couple of players look to be in some trouble. Jeff Varner and Michaela were both kind of riding in Sandra's wake, and without the Queen's savvy ability to form alliances out of thin air, their weaknesses will be exposed.

Also, Debbie had been sent to Exile Island, which means that she took Sandra's place on the Nuku tribe. When they return from Tribal Council, she mentions that the vote was scarier than Exile Island itself was (no kidding - it was like she was in a luxury hotel).

Of course, when the group asks Debbie about her real Exile experience, she lies to them. “What happens on Exile stays on Exile,” she says, and OH MY GOD do we ever just want to fast forward through her segments and monologues. She has no intention of telling anyone about Cochran's visit and we guess she views him as some sort of spirit animal now.

Tai, who we've mentioned is just a godawful Survivor player, ruminates about Ozzy's awesomeness. No, he's not going to kiss him like he did Caleb. Instead, he's gunning for Ozzy as he's winning challenges and it feels like the super athlete needs to be eliminated prior to the merge.


Varner is pissed off at having been blindsided, though he really should have seen the Sandra ouster coming if he had any sort of awareness. Zeke apologizes to Varner for not making him aware that Sandra was the consensus choice, and Varner tries to play like he's a good sport, but he snippily tells Zeke that he would have voted for Sandra, too.

The two of them share a little bonding time, and Zeke tells Varner how much he likes him. Oh, we just can't with this. It's a train wreck coming and we can't ignore it. Varner might as well be asking Zeke if he has any deep, personal secrets that he'd like to reveal.

Probst sighting!

The members of the Mana tribe aren't necessarily surprised to see that Sandra was voted out at Tribal Council, but they are impressed. Today's Reward Challenge has the two tribes playing for pizza, which makes us hungry for some ourselves. (One of us is doing an eating plan, and pizza isn't really included.)

The challenge begins with team members unspooling a rope until it drops a key. Naturally, Team Ozzy dominates because he is Ozzy and the people on the other team are not. Next, team members untie some ladder planks. Finally, one team member will climb up and over the ladder they've created and get some balls. Then, they go through some obstacles that will get them to the final portion of the challenge. The editing pretends like it's close, but Ozzy is the domination. Nuku will be enjoying pizza and soft drinks.

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