Survivor: Game Changers Recap

What Happens on Exile, Stays on Exile

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

April 13, 2017

The most uncomfortable moment in Survivor history.

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Back at Mana, the unhappy challenge losers are mumbling about pizza. “It'll make them sluggish.” That's one way of rationalizing it.

“When you get to a certain point on Survivor, your mind goes to places you don't think it's gonna go,” Aubrey says prophetically. She then starts crying, which is contagious, as pretty much everyone breaks down a little bit. Aubrey explains that it's difficult to describe to people back home how it feels out in these remote locales with limited resources. It does something to you.

We've often said that, but we know already tonight's episode may be the ultimate example.

Losing pizza is a bummer, man.

Brad echoes Aubry's comments, saying that his wife, Monica, came home different. She was troubled and hurt. He says he understands what she went through now.

Aubry thanks Brad for sharing and says in confessional that he is the most genuine person she's met in the game so far. She finally feels that she has someone she can confide in and work with.


Then, Cirie approaches Brad and echoes those same sentiments. Brad is a little surprised to realize that being genuine actually got him this sort of positive reaction, but hey, if the light bulb goes off, the light bulb goes off. Culpepper figures that he now has an alliance of five within his tribe - himself, Aubry, Cirie, Troyzan and Sierra. That puts Hali and Michaela on the outs.

We go from the Infinite Sadness of Mana to the Pizza Happiness of Nuku. Varner is happy to have finally won a challenge, but aggravated because he is obviously low man on the totem pole. He figures he's got to find a way to shift the conversation to a different potential evictee. He figures Ozzy's got to go.

He chats with Sarah, arguing that the tribe will need him at the merge. She nods vigorously and asks him who he's targeting. Varner says that Ozzy is such a dominant force (see: The Reward Challenge a few paragraphs ago) that they can't afford to keep him around for the merge. She says something about proving she's a Game Changer blah blah blah, but she's such a nondescript player. We never remember her name.

Probst Sighting: The Next Generation!

The Immunity Challenge involves water and solving a sort of puzzle. The first four team members for each tribe will dive into the water to swim to a raft. Once there, they have to pull themselves across the water and then dive in and release a bag of buoys.

Obviously, Ozzy is awesome at diving, pulling the raft, and getting buoys for his team. Nuku accumulates a pretty strong lead and has two sets out of three sets of buoys before Culpepper finishes one. Aubry gets them back in it a bit, but Nuku is now figuring out the word puzzle.

Despite Nuku's pretty massive lead, Hali figures the puzzle out for Mana and they win Immunity. If only Ozzy had been working on the puzzle, maybe Nuku could have won.

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