Survivor: Millennials Vs. Gen X - Episode Recap

Episode 4 - Who's the Sucker at the Table?

By Jim Van Nest, Gen X-er

October 18, 2016

I can't imagine why they wanted to vote her out.

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As he revels in his find for a second, we hear Hannah yelling at him asking him how his idol search is going. Really??? How many other people heard that? Just dumb. Adam tells us that this is such a major thing for him. He and his mom have always watched Survivor together and she has Stage 4 lung cancer. Finding this idol is such an amazing thing for his mom to get to see as she fights this disease. He breaks down as he tells us, but he knows that his mom is such a super fan that she will be over the moon that he found a hidden idol.

We finally check in with the reward winners, but it's the next morning and they're eating reward leftovers. Lucy and David head out to get water and David wants to talk strategy. Ken joins them and then Lucy lets them in on the plan. She tells them that the vote is Jessica and that they're safe. And she doesn't want to see them talking to anyone else. She very much talks down to them like she's doing them a huge favor. And as it is, Ken doesn't dig it. He doesn't feel like he should have to follow her rules to be let in on the plan. I'm sure we'll hear more about that later, but now, it's time for a...


Probst sighting! Today's challenge will see one person jumping over some obstacles. Then a team of five will lift that person up in a chair on a pulley where they will grab 10 numbered bags, in order. Then a second person will go, then a third. Once they have all 30 bags, they're ready to start on the Scrabble-esque word puzzle. Chris takes off first and blows through the obstacles and gets up to the numbers way ahead of Figgy for the Millennials. Chris' weight slows down Gen X, but he makes up for it with a huge wingspan, allowing him to reach several bags without having to be moved. He's down first with the first 10 and Ken takes off.

Figgy finally gets down and heads back to send off Michelle. Ken is tearing it up now and is five bags ahead of Michelle. Ken gets all of his bags and runs back to send David. Michelle makes up some time and is on her way down. David flies through the bags as Michaela tries to catch up. She is not able to catch him as he's down with his 10 bags while she's still grabbing them. Gen X can open the bags and start their puzzle. Finally, Michaela gets all her bags and honestly, it's not much of a lead for Gen X - so it may as well be tied. After almost an hour of Jeff trying anything he can to tie this specific challenge into the Gen X vs Millennials theme, Zeke finally has the breakthrough and within seconds, the Millennials figure out the puzzle and win immunity! "Somebody loses their flame tonight." Indeed. Somebody does.

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