Survivor: Millennials Vs. Gen X - Episode Recap

Episode 4 - Who's the Sucker at the Table?

By Jim Van Nest, Gen X-er

October 18, 2016

I can't imagine why they wanted to vote her out.

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Probst sighting!! The Millennials are shocked to see that Paul was voted out. I'm shocked to see that we're having a Reward challenge, which means this will be a two challenge episode. Woo hoo!! Today, we're playing for a barbecue with all the fixin’s. The challenge is a simple one. Out on a pole hangs a ring. Two members from each tribe will head out into the water to get the ring. First team to touch their end pole while holding the ring wins a point. First to three points wins reward.

The first round is Jay and Adam against Chris and David. Adam gets the ring, while Jay tries to contain Chris. He cannot. Eventually, Chris gets to Adam who has to give up the ring. Chris gets the ring to David and then holds both Adam and Jay until David can easily score the first point for Gen X. Round two is CeCe and Sunday against Michaela and Figgy. After quite a battle, Michaela finally gets a hold of the ring and literally pulls all three of the other women to her pole. We're tied 1-1. Round three is Bret and Ken against Taylor and Will. Taylor holds off Bret while Will gets the ring.


Ken eventually takes the ring from Will and with everyone grabbing the ring, the power of Bret and Ken is just too much. Gen X leads 2-1. Round four is Hannah and Michaela against Lucy and Jessica. Lucy ties up both young girls, while Jessica grabs the ring and heads for the victory. Michaela, though, is not to be denied. She slips out of her top and heads for Jessica and the ring. Even as the Gen X ladies are headed to their pole, Michaela (still topless) just guts it out and pulls the entire group of four all the way across to her pole and we're tied 2-2. Final round is Zeke and Jay against Chris and David. Zeke does an amazing job holding Chris off the ring while Jay makes his way to the win. But it can only last so long. Chris is too big and too strong. With seemingly little effort, Chris moves the pile to the Gen X pole and as a wave crashes in and almost takes out Probst (better luck next time) Gen X wins reward. Millennials - got nothing for ya.

We come back from break to Millennial Island. They're in awe of how massive and strong Chris is. They're even more impressed with how Michaela performed. They could not believe how bad ass she was. Adam was not a fan of that challenge. A strength challenge isn't his forte. With that in mind and the blindside at the last Tribal, he is in dire need of finding the idol. He continues to read the clue until he realizes that the clue talks about the idol being well "shell"tered. So, he knows he's looking for a shell, but he just can't find it. Eventually, he finds the shell we saw last week and once open, it has the idol he has been seeking.

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