Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X - Episode Recap

Episode 3 - Your Job Is Recon

By Jim Van Nest, Gen X-er

October 6, 2016

I don't know what he's all happy about.

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Back over at Millennial island, Taylor is just stoked to be in the position they're in. They feel totally in charge of the game and decide that Zeke is next to go. Adam is still blown away that they've given power to Taylor and Figgy. Adam goes to Michaela and Hannah and tells them that they have to see that the foursome of Taylor, Figgy, Jay and Michelle are totally locked in as a group. All they have to do is gather the rest of the tribe and they can take over the game. Michaela tells us that she still doesn't like Figgy and that Adam has some good points, but she's in the power alliance right now and isn't sure she wants to give it up.

Day 10 brings us to another Probst Sighting! Looks like today is an obstacle course, knock blocks off a table kinda day. They'll carry heavy bags filled with sand and coconuts over several obstacles. Once they're all the way through, they'll separate the bags from the coconuts. They'll then use the bags to knock the blocks off the table. Once all the blocks are off the table, two more people will have to use those blocks to reassemble the puzzle. They'll also be playing for reward today. It's a huge pile of comfort. Hammocks, chairs, blankets, pillows, etc. Definitely worth playing for.


The tribes are even through the first obstacle and they're neck and neck crossing the balance beam with these 40 pound bags. There seems to be a different strategy on both sides with the balance beam. Taylor is carrying several bags because he can handle the beam. CeCe decides to take the beam instead of handing off and she takes forever to get across. All of the Millennials are across the beam, while the Gen X tribe still has a couple bags and a couple people to get across the beam. Finally, Chris takes over grabbing all the bags and Gen X can start separating bags from coconuts. Jay has a huge lead on the blocks, but Ken is trying to bring Gen X back.

Jay is down to two blocks and finally clears the table. Zeke and Michelle are the people on the puzzle. Meanwhile, Ken clears his table as well and David and Sunday take on the puzzle. Zeke is killing it on the puzzle and at the end of the day, their lead was too big to overcome and the Millennials Win Immunity! Before Jeff hands over the reward, Jay asks if they can trade the comfort for some fishing gear. Jeff says that it's a possibility, but he doesn't think the comfort is enough and the Gen X tribe has to agree to it. After a conference, Gen X decides to deny the Millennials a fishing kit. The talk in my living room was that this was a huge opportunity missed. We would have been happy to let them have a fishing kit. The price is simple. We want the Immunity Idol. Give up immunity and you can have your fishing gear. As we head to break, Michaela tells us that she understands why they wouldn't want to make the kids stronger. Also, Chris is pretty sure CeCe needs to go. She completely cost the challenge and that's enough for her to get the vote.

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