Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X - Episode Recap

Episode 3 - Your Job Is Recon

By Jim Van Nest, Gen X-er

October 6, 2016

I don't know what he's all happy about.

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The morning of Day 8 dawns at the Gen X tribe. CeCe, David and Ken are confirming that they're together and on the bottom. David tells us that he has no plans to give up, though. Meanwhile, Paul is feeling amazing after his episode yesterday. He feels so good that he thinks he'll go fishing. He tells us about how much he fishes at home, but he comes up empty handed. Ken tells us that Paul continues to talk about how much he can do, and yet he never comes through. Paul actually offers the tribe nothing; meanwhile, he's on the bottom.

We join the Millennial tribe as Adam goes to get Treemail. We see a close-up of the orange coconut idol, but Adam doesn't see it. They are told that they will draw rocks, and the four people that draw orange rocks will be sent to join four people from Gen X to gather intel or other info. Will tells us that he would love to mingle with the other tribe. And just like that, he grabs one of the orange rocks. Also grabbing orange are Taylor, Jay and Figgy. That's right; the entire Tri-force will be leaving camp with Will. Taylor is stoked that his alliance is going together, not seeming to realize that four people are leaving five behind - four people who are against him and Michelle, who knows she isn't his #2 or #3. This could be catastrophic to his game, but he's too damn dumb to see it. As they head out, Jay is interested to see what Gen X is all about, but he's worried about Taylor and Figgy showing off their couple-ness.


We see CeCe, Chris, Paul and David mix up as the foursome from Gen X. Chris is really excited to be part of this. He plans to be very quiet and gather info. As they introduce themselves, they find their way to a nice picnic lunch. David starts the talk by asking who went home. They tell him Mari went and she had no idea it was coming. As Paul is holding court with everyone, David has decided he really needs to make some relationships with the Millennials. While some people go swimming, David and CeCe sit back with Taylor and Figgy. They let Taylor and Figgy know that Paul is the leader of the tribe. David also lets Taylor know that if the tribes swap, he'll be happy to flip on the Gen X-ers. So, he's pretty well laid it all on the table. Unfortunately, he probably shared that info with the wrong bro.

We come back from break as the Gen X-ers return. They give us some info, including the fact that the Millennials are calling Ken "Kendoll." He doesn't really care for that, as people have made the Ken and Barbie joke his whole life. He doesn't find it funny at all. We see some shots of Ken out fishing again. Of course he brings in a nice bounty. He goes on to tell us that he cannot stand that Paul is one of those "leaders" who says they can do everything but actually does nothing. We see him taking Jessica aside telling her just that. He tells her there's a lot of talk and he's actually accomplished nothing. He tells her that she and Sunday are so humble, while he's all about the rock star and everything is about him. Jessica tells us that she can't make a move on Paul as she's committed to an alliance with Paul and the four others. She tells us that she is all about staying in the game until she can get her #legacyadvantage.

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