Survivor: Kaoh Rong - Finale Recap - Part 2

Episode 14 - Not Going Down Without a Fight

By Jim Van Nest

June 1, 2016

Yeah, I don't know how I won, either.

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Next up is Debbie - this should be stunning. She congratulates them all. She tells Tai that he had some inexplicable votes and flip flopping, and what was up with that? He says that he doesn't really think that he did that very much. He tries to explain how he was with Aubry for a long time and his flipping was only one time, when he flipped on Scot. She turns to Aubry. She says that she was thrilled watching Aubry's metamorphosis. She feels that early in the game, she played a large part in keeping Aubry in the game. Her question is whether or not Aubry would have done that for her. Aubry says that she absolutely would have. She says that her only regret in the game was Debbie's ouster. The fact that they were so close made it all the more hard to do that. However, at the time, their games were headed in different directions and the hard decision had to be made. That seems to satisfy and Debbie congratulates her once again. Chalk that up as a vote for Aubry.

Third is Julia. She takes an interesting path toward her statement. She slams Michele as the weakest link. She slid through the game and then she became a number. She never really owned anything in the game and just floated - until the Julia vote. That, according to Julia, is where Michele started playing. But was it enough? First, can I just say that Julia was going home anyway. Michele's vote had no bearing on that situation whatsoever. She jumped on the coattails of Aubry and Cydney and joined them in voting off her bestie. But her vote was neither needed not masterminded. But by all means, give her all the credit for that. *eye roll* Michele answers by saying that it took her a while to find her footing. She was stereotyped as a beauty so she faced an uphill battle. Julia then moves to Tai, telling him that he was the opposite. He started off strong, and then he lost his momentum. Of course, his game was consistent, actually. But he voted her off and that's where she sees it as a weakness. This is obviously the statement of a bitter 19-year-old who can't stand that she was bested. Tai tries to explain himself, but starts to falter a bit. He once again mentions the Scot vote and says that he tried to be strong throughout the game. She has nothing for Aubry. Julia is a definite Michele vote.

Joe comes up fourth. He tells Michele that he has a pretty good idea of what her game was about, so he's only going to talk to Tai and Aubry. He tells Tai that he is a selfless, hardworking guy. He considers Tai a very truthful man. He wants to know why Tai should be considered over Aubry. He says that he found an idol, he earned the advantage and that he had more moves than Aubry - wait for it - including the blindside of Scot. He feels that they thought a lot of the same things throughout the game and he had more positives.


Joe then asks Aubry how her game differed and why she should get their votes. She said that she was lucky that Tai came to her throughout the game with ideas and information, but that without her to actually do something with it, nothing would have ever happened. She took that information and made the plans and the moves to execute on it. She was on the right side of every single vote, while Tai was wrong on three of them. At this, Cydney starts nodding. Without her in the game, all of the information and all of the ideas would have been whispers in the wind. Joe is a definite Aubry vote.

Now things should get interesting, Jason is up next. He starts with Michele. The night that Scot went out, Michele and Julia didn't vote for Scot. He says that was really the turning point in the game for her. He wants to know if that was luck of if she had something to do with that. She says that she was not let in on that vote, because the new alliance didn't trust Julia. She says she worked her way into that alliance after that vote and that the alliance trusted her more than Tai, and that's why he went home instead of her that night. He then looks to Tai and asks him for the real reason he left them that night. He just wants the truth. He says he got scared of their very strong bond. He says he was jealous of their relationship and how he didn't feel like he was fitting in with them. Not a bad answer, actually. But he could have taken it just one step further by mentioning that he didn't have a say with them. They talked over or at him instead of with him. He said at the time he felt he was being left out of the decision making process and being told what to do. He really should have mentioned that in this speech, but overall, a good answer from Tai. Jason might actually vote for him. But he could also go Michele. Too close to call.

Following up Jason is Cydney. She starts with Aubry and asks her if the plan was always to vote her out. Aubry says that the plan was to vote out Michele, but then she won immunity. She says that they were a pair through the game, organizing all of those votes together. She said that when Michele won immunity, she had to look to Cydney as the vote because, "That's what you would do." Well done - nice answer.

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