Survivor: Kaoh Rong - Finale Recap - Part 2

Episode 14 - Not Going Down Without a Fight

By Jim Van Nest

June 1, 2016

Yeah, I don't know how I won, either.

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Today's challenge will see the players standing on a wobbly beam, while using a pole to stack balls on a stand. They'll set a ball, then a spacer, then a ball, etc. until they get six high. This was the dexterity part of the very first challenge (which no one chose). First one to get their stack completed wins advantage and the right to vote out one juror. This is a back and forth challenge. Each player watches their stack grow and fall. Michele emerges in the lead with Aubry right behind. Tai has fallen out of the challenge. It comes down to a race with the last ball between Aubry and Michele. Despite getting there first, Aubry knocks her stack down at the last minute and Michele wins reward! Jeff gives Michele a packet which she will use for her vote tonight. She will also be the one to tell the jury what the deal is for tonight. As we head to break, Aubry is devastated that she didn't win this challenge. If Michele takes out the right juror it could totally kill her game.

We come back from break and they start by celebrating that they made the end. Michele is super thrilled as she is in the end AND has the chance to vote out a jury member. She tells us that she has no idea what she plans to do with it. She starts by talking to Tai. She is thinking she needs to take out Joe. He's the obvious vote for Aubry. Tai agrees that Joe will never vote for Michele. But he suggests that maybe she should take out Neal. Joe is a definite vote for Aubry, but Neal might try to influence other jurors to vote for Aubry. And wow - this episode Tai is two for two on really astute observations. Tai tells us that he knows Neal won't vote for him and that his influence is way more likely than Joe's. He also says that he made Michele feel like it was her idea to get rid of Neal and he just hopes she sticks with that.


She also talks to Aubry and suggests that Joe is the only obvious choice. Michele also says that she thinks Neal might be an option. Aubry suggests to Michele that Joe is pretty harmless and that he won't maul anyone with his question/comment. She says she thinks Tai has more votes on the jury then he's letting on. She suggests that Scot might be the type to really destroy someone up there. Michele agrees and even suggests Jason as a possible boot as she doesn't see any way that he votes for her. She also tries to sell Michele on the fact that Tai is the bigger jury threat right now because of his story, so it would be better to take away a Tai vote. My personal thought is that I'm not sure Tai has any votes and other than Julia, any vote will likely take away an Aubry vote.

When the three get together to talk about it, Michele is leaning toward Scot. She thinks he or Jason might be more likely to try to be persuasive to the rest of the jury. Tai hates this idea and plays it off like he doesn't understand the concept she's giving him, despite the fact that it's the exact same logic he used to tell her that Neal should be the vote. This is one of those things I don't care for. He comes across as though he doesn't actually understand what she's saying. It's the same way that Abi Maria used the "English as a second language" excuse for being an ass to everyone. Tai uses it as a reason to question someone's logic. Like, if he can't follow it, it must not be good strategy.

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