Survivor: Kaoh Rong - Finale Recap - Part 1

Episode 14 - Not Going Down Without a Fight

By Jim Van Nest

May 30, 2016

Not strong enough to get a spot in the Final 3.

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Cydney is really worried and asks Michele, "Should I start working on my fire making skills?" Michele tells her no, she'll be fine and she'll be there tomorrow. Michele talks to Tai next and tells him that Aubry is the vote and that all he has to do is vote with them and he's guaranteed to be Final 3. Aubry sees what's going on and she doesn't have a lot of faith that Tai will stick with her at this Tribal, but at this point, she doesn't have a lot else to go with.

Tribal starts and Jeff goes right to Michele to talk about immunity. He asks Tai about the vibe at camp. Tai says it's an individual game and that alliances don't matter now. The talk is about who to put on the jury and who you want to sit with. Cydney says it's time to start thinking about who you can beat at the end. All the talk is centered around how this is an individual game now and it's all about what's best for "me". Doesn't sound good for Aubry at all. And that's what she gets for trusting Tai.

We see no votes as they cast them and Jeff heads off to tally the votes. First vote - Aubry. Cydney. Aubry. Cydney! WHOA!!! He stuck with her. Way to go Tai - finally showing loyalty. Jeff gives Michele and Tai a chance to change their votes, but they are both locked in - which means we have a fire making challenge coming.

After a disturbingly disappointing trailer for the new Ghostbusters, we're back for the fire making challenge. The challenge is simple. They have a flint, machete and some fuel for the fire. They have to build a fire tall enough and sustainable enough to burn through a rope. A couple minutes in, Aubry finally has a fire going. Cydney has nothing going on. Aubry's fire is really good sized, but it's not centered and not hitting the rope. All she has to do is move to where she's blocking the breeze that is blowing her flames. She doesn't do that and the fire continues to burn away from the rope. It's a real big fire, but it's not in the right place. The rope seems to take some damage, but the fire starts to go down and eventually the whole thing comes down.


Cydney has a chance now, but still cannot get a flame. Aubry's reaching into the heat of her fire to move embers around, trying to rebuild. Cydney gets a couple flames but can't seem to get any of them to catch. And just like that, Aubry has her fire rebuilt and this time it's perfectly centered and within seconds her rope burns through and Cydney becomes the eighth member of the jury. Neal and Nick are visibly happy for Aubry to have won. Jeff talks to Cydney a bit and finally puts out her torch.

As he sends everyone back to camp, he does NOT give his usual finale speech. He tells them that this game is a roller coaster and it's best to just hold on 'til the ride is over. "And this ride's not over." THERE it is! Final 2, baybee!! ANYtime they get to the end, he gives the whole "power now switches over to them" speech. He makes a big deal about them going as far as they can go in the game. He did not do that this time. That's because they aren't done yet. This could turn out amazing, or it could be brutal.

Because lets' be honest; a Michele/Tai Final 2 is a worst case scenario, here, yes? I mean, this has been Aubry or Cydney's game to lose for weeks now. And Cydney's gone. That means that anything shy of Aubry in the Final 2 to get the win will be a letdown. Either way, if you didn't watch, you're gonna have to wait another day for the answers as this is the best spot to conclude Part 1 of the Survivor Kaoh Rong finale recap. 'Til tomorrow, take care!

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