Survivor: Kaoh Rong - Finale Recap - Part 1

Episode 14 - Not Going Down Without a Fight

By Jim Van Nest

May 30, 2016

Not strong enough to get a spot in the Final 3.

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This challenge is going to be brutal. So much running, stair climbing and running and stair climbing. And then after completely wiping out their bodies, they'll have to put together a puzzle? That's frickin' crazy.

From the get-go, it's looking like the feast is really helping as Aubry is just crushing this challenge. She has a decent sized lead over Cydney, with Tai and Michele falling behind. But like I said, this is a rough puzzle. As with so many of these Survivor challenges, the puzzle is the great equalizer. And within a few seconds, all four are together all working on the first level of the puzzle. So, everything Aubry did to get the lead means nothing now because everyone is even. Well,

Tai completes the first level, which allows him to take the lead. Michele finishes her first level. Tai completes level two and it looks like this will be a race between Tai and Michele, despite Aubry's dominance in the physical part of the challenge. Michele has the second level now, so she and Tai are both working on the final level. And just like that, Aubry's worst fear has come true; Michele completes her third level and wins Final 4 immunity! Guaranteed spot in the Final 3. It should be noted that when Jeff mentions that someone will be made the eighth member of the jury, when we're at the end game, he usually says things like "eighth and final" member of the jury." But he doesn't say that here.


As we head to break, I mull over the options. If this IS a Final 2, Cydney tells us that Michele was definitely the vote, but now that she's won immunity, she'll have to cozy up to her and see if she can set it up so she's not the next to go.

After the commercials, Michele tells us how good it feels to be in the Final 3 and that she feels like she's in a power position. As she breaks it down for us, Tai and Aubry head to get water. They confirm that they need to stay together and since Michele's not an option; they have to go after Cydney. Aubry tells us that if they stick together and vote for Cydney, then they'll likely have a tie and a fire making challenge to determine who goes home. She also tells us that she's getting a weird vibe from Tai and doesn't feel convinced that he'll stick with her and vote Cydney.

Michele, meanwhile, talks to Cydney and while she likes Aubry and really wants to keep her, Aubry will get votes at the end. Tai is a terrible speaker and he's been awful at Tribal Councils. Michele thinks they should keep him around for that reason. Cydney tells us that she's been with Aubry for a long time now, but that Michele has the power and is calling the shots now. She'll have to go with her against Aubry this time. Michele tells her that she has a relationship with Tai now and she just knows that he'll vote with them.

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