Survivor: Kaoh Rong - Episode Recap

Episode 13 - With Me or Not With Me

By Jim Van Nest

May 16, 2016

Who you lookin' at, ya palooka?

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We come back as day 34 dawns. Tai tells us how the trust and the emotions in the game are just so hard for him. The spa trio returns to camp and Aubry is ready to move forward with Tai and Joe to take out Cydney. She's worried, though, that Tai might feel too slighted to stick with her now. She has to talk to him and make things right. So, she takes him aside to try to repair what she damaged. She tells Tai that she knows Joe will go with whatever she thinks is the right decision. And she just knows that Tai is the right decision. As they head back to camp, Tai breaks down from the pressure of this game. They share a big hug and he feels right that he's with Aubry. She tells him he needs to slow down a little bit around camp and take some time for himself.

Back around camp, Joe is all about telling Michele about the food and the reward. Cydney sees Aubry and Tai come back from their talk and hug and she is suspicious of what's going on with them. Michele and Cydney finally pow wow and decide they need to stay together. Michele thinks she can use Cydney and Tai to take out either Joe or Aubry at the next vote.

Meanwhile, Joe is having some stomach issues due to all the meat he ate on reward. He's not urinating and he's really worried that something might be seriously wrong. He comes back into camp and tells Aubry that he's having some issues. He claims to be fine, but things are not seeming to go well. They are totally suggesting a med evac is forthcoming. And that would suck for him. Michele tells us that she would hate to see Joe med evac'd, but if he does go, that is one less person for her to worry about. Joe is feeling bad enough to bring medical in to check him out. The doc suggests some medicine for him to try. The doc tells him that if they can't get him to use the bathroom soon, it could become serious issues for his kidneys. Tai is super worried, since his new final three deal involves Joe.


We come back, still on Day 34. Joe doesn't look a whole lot better. He tells us that after taking the medicine, he is feeling a little better, but not enough. He's still in a lot of pain, and I think he's gonna pull himself from the game. Joe still isn't peeing and if he doesn't soon, they'll yank him. Michele tells us that he just kept getting worse and worse. Everyone is upset. No one wants to see a friend in pain like that. Even Cydney is dropping some tears for Joe.

He tells us that the pain is unbearable, so as the sun goes down, Jeff shows up with the doc for a quick checkup. They talk for a while and at the end of it all, Dr. Joe says that the chance of long term kidney damage is too high and he has to be pulled from the game. It's largely due to his age and the reward and the conditions. It's just too much for his body to handle and he is not willing to risk some serious health issues to stay in this game. And just like that, Joe is out of the game, leaving Cydney, Aubry, Michele and Tai as our final four. As Joe heads out, Aubry laments the fact that she has now lost her primary ally twice in the same game. She had such a solid plan and has no idea what she'll do now. I'd suggest winning some challenges, because Cydney's coming.

Next time on Survivor: Everyone is finally realizing how close they are to the end. They're all trying to figure out how to get to the end. Aubry tries to lock in Tai. Michele tries to lock in Cydney. Tai just hopes to make it through one more vote with no idol or advantage to save him. And Cydney is trying to balance two different alliances, while deciding the best route to the endgame. Next Wednesday night, it will all come to an end! Same bat time, same bat channel. 'Til then everyone, take care!

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