Survivor: Kaoh Rong - Episode Recap

Episode 13 - With Me or Not With Me

By Jim Van Nest

May 16, 2016

Who you lookin' at, ya palooka?

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And we're off and Cydney just blows them all away into the woods. She's back with her first bag first. Aubry, Michele and Tai are right behind her and they're all throwing sand bags now. Cydney and Aubry each land a bag and then run out, so they have to go back into the woods for the next bag of sandbags. Michele and Tai miss all of theirs. Joe finally shows up and he misses them all as well. Cydney and Aubry are back and Aubry now has two bags. Cydney hits another, as does Aubry. So it's 3-2 Aubry. As Aubry, Cydney and Tai run back into the woods, Michele finally scores one.

Aubry gets back and quickly hits #4. As Aubry gets to her last two bags, she misses both and now has to wait until everyone finishes throwing all of their bags. If there's still no winner, she'll finally get some bags to throw. At this point, everyone is out of bags except Joe. He's back with his second bag of sandbags. He manages to hit three of the five targets and he has to head back out into the woods to get his last bag of sandbags. He can take all the time in the world on this. He only has to hit two of them.

Everyone just sits around waiting for Joe, and it seems like forever. With two bags left, Joe hits #4. Last bag, last target. And BOOM, Joe hits #5 and Joe. Wins. Reward! He also has a decision to make. He has to choose one person to go with him. Not surprisingly, he chooses his brain partner from the beginning, Aubry. But he has to take one other person and right away Aubry starts chatting him up. He just defers to her and she chooses Cydney to go with them. Aubry tells us she chose Cydney to try to set up an endgame. As we head to break, Michele is very concerned that she just watched the final three walk out. So, she has some work to do to try to turn this around.


We come back from break as the winners head to the spa. They start with a feast. Joe tells us how much he needed some real food right now. And he starts pounding the beef. Like, pounding it. Cydney tells us that he doesn't usually eat that way and if he keeps it up, he's gonna be seriously hurting later on. They start talking final three and Joe even suggests that they don't have a chance against Aubry. Cydney agrees, "Just along for the ride." Cydney tells us she's just fine if they think about that. Aubry tells us that Joe is totally wrong and all of a sudden the bell goes off. Cydney is a huge threat to win this game and maybe it's time to get with Joe and Tai and get the biggest threat out of the game. Hmmmm...

Back at camp, Michele and Tai are bummed to be left behind, but not surprised. So, they head to the water to have a talk. They talk for a good while in the water. I think they just realize that they're two totally different people and that's okay. They decide to have a spa day of their own and Tai gives her a massage. Apparently, he's very good at it. Michele is really enjoying it. And all of a sudden, they seem to be bonding a little. Now, they just need a third person to join them. They both realize they're on the bottom. Michele tells us that no one would expect them to work together, so this could work. They're trying to figure out who they can work with or how they can leverage the idol. They talk about Cydney as the boot, but nothing is really decided before the break.

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