Survivor: Kaoh Rong - Episode Recap

Episode 6 - Play or Go Home

By Jim Van Nest

March 30, 2016

That's right. Sit there and think about what you've done.

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Hello, good people, and welcome to Episode 6 of Survivor: Kaoh Rong! When last we spoke, there was a Tribe swap and the Brains found themselves on the short end of the stick. Julia was sent to a tribe by herself to await the loser of the first post-swap immunity challenge. Her status as a Beauty had everyone concerned about allowing her back in the game to hook back up with her other Beauties. And as soon as the new Gondol tribe lost immunity, the only question was whether it would be everyone's bestest buddy and tribe provider Tai? Or not in Anna? Despite flirting with the thought of using his idol to save Anna, Tai eventually listened to his newest best friend, Scot, and kept his idol and helped the tribe send Anna to the pre-merge vacation.

So tonight, Julia will re-enter the game with the Gondol tribe and we'll get a little deeper into the post-swap/pre-merge game. Previews suggest that Joe and Peter are finally going to have it out and that Debbie is, once again, masterminding the game! And with that in mind, let's get to it!

We begin at the Gondol camp after Tribal. Tai is so thankful to everyone for keeping him. Peter tells us that it's about time to finally bail on the Brains and move on. He takes this idea to Tai and suggests that it's time to get Joe out of the game. Tai says very little here and just lets Peter keep talking and talking and talking.


We're back from break and I'm sure that over at Gondol, Peter is still talking to Tai. But we're checking in with Chan Loh now. Purple Nick gets some screen time. Debbie just loves him and he's happy to just listen to her. Naturally, he thinks she has a crush on him. I will say this, in the midst of all the self-love, Nick does manage to spit some really good strategy. He mentions that when you get to know people, you need to figure out who they admire and who they need out there and BE that person for them. He says that the person she admires most is herself, so he needs to act just like her and he can fill that role for her.

Debbie tells us that Nick is like really hot and stuff and that as a former part-time model, she's pretty sure he'll end up with a modeling contract after this show. Something of note here is the fact that I absolutely LOVE the fun the producers are having with Debbie and her plethora of jobs. Every time they put her name on the screen, they list a different occupation for her. Classic. Oh yeah, and Tree Mail comes and there will be basketball - so Nick is ready to take on an NBA player. Boom shaka laka!

Probst Sighting!! Before we get to the challenge, Julia is brought in to join the now Anna-less Gondol tribe. Michele and Julia are both pretty bummed to see that Anna is gone. Today's reward challenge is pretty simple. One person will dive into the water and release about 30 buoys that are tied in a net. Then the whole tribe will need to usher these buoys to shore, where the final person will shoot baskets with them. First team to sink 10 baskets wins reward - a Survivor picnic with all kinds of food, and every single person is drooling to get this reward.

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