Survivor: Kaoh Rong - Episode Recap

Episode 6 - Play or Go Home

By Jim Van Nest

March 30, 2016

That's right. Sit there and think about what you've done.

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The tribes start off and Aubry and Michele are the ones untying and releasing the buoys. Aubry makes quick work of it, while Michele is really struggling to get the knots untied. When she finally releases the buoys, Gondol is comfortably in the lead. With all their buoys on the rack, Scot takes over shooting free throws. He takes a few shots to get the range down and by the time he scores the first shots, Chan Loh has caught up and Nick is shooting alongside Scot. Amazingly enough, Nick takes the lead at 5-3 and it's looking like a major upset. Nick takes the lead at 7-4, but Scot lands two in a row and it's 7-6. Scot finally ties it up at 8-8. Nick has several shots go in and out and Scot takes the lead. From the other team, you hear Cydney say, "Scot, whatcha doin?" trying to psych him out. Scot says "Winning" as #10 drains. Gondol wins immunity and a picnic. As they head back to camp, Michele is super worried that she cost her tribe the victory and she hopes she can turn things around when they get back to camp.

We come back from break to join the Gondol feast. Julia is really glad to re-enter the game on a winning note. She's really worried that with Anna getting the boot, she'll be the next to go. Peter is thrilled to have Julia in the game as she doesn't seem conniving. So, in the water later, he's all about how they need to get rid of Joe. Because they, like, got rid of his island girlfriend and stuff. Julia is thrilled to have some kind of option moving forward. Joe and Aubry are watching this from the beach trying to figure out what the hell Peter is doing. They planned to dump Julia, but at this point, Aubry's thinking that maybe it's time to get rid of Pete instead.


Over at Chan Loh, Nick is taking credit for the loss. He tells us that he's upset that he didn't win. He had the lead and he coughed it up. But at the same time, Michele was really bad in the challenge, too. Even Michele tells us how horrible the day has been. With Anna gone and a poor performance in the challenge, she just needs to use her social skills to get back in the game. She talks to Debbie, who tells her everything she wants to hear. She tells us that Debbie is probably her best option at this point.

After Debbie tells Michele that they should target Kyle, she can't wait to go tell Nick their good fortune. Nick basically brushes her off and tells her that Debbie will say whatever she thinks they want to hear. They're not going with Debbie and she just needs to stick with him. He knows best and all. Michele tells us that she's just gonna nod and wave and stick with Nick until they get to some kind of merge. And Nick is just such a smug douche about his one season blogging for RHAP makes him SO much smarter than some...gasp...some...GIRL!!! What a dick!

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