The Amazing Race Season 28 Recap - Episode 4

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By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

March 7, 2016

At least they can stop having bad hair days now.

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Previously on The Amazing Race, Dana yelled at Matt while a few teams, including Brodie & Kurt, Tyler & Korey and Burnie & Ashley seemed to establish themselves as the teams to watch. The Frisbee players finished in first place, and we bid a sad farewell to brothers Darius & Cameron, who simply took the instructions on their clue too literally, leaving them stuck at the Roadblock far longer than they needed to be. Nine teams remain - will we see even more separation at the top this week?

As we begin this week’s leg, Brodie & Kurt note that there are a few teams that they really haven’t even seen so far during the race. We catch a glimpse of Blair & Scott, who mention the same thing. It seems that Blair has caught wind of a rumor that Brodie may have a crush on her, and she’s obviously curious to find out whether that’s true. A famous person likes her! Well, okay. He’s Frisbee famous. But maybe she can guest star in his Frisbee videos and he can guest star in her… makeup videos?

Their fellow contestants are oddly excited about the showmance, which makes us suspicious that the whole thing is fake. They’re even given a nickname, “Blodie,” which is not as cute as Tyler probably thinks it is.

Since the Frisbee dudes won the last leg, they’ll also be first to leave today. Their clue sends them off to Geneva, Switzerland. Once they arrive, they’ll be looking for a 463-foot-high fountain, which is pretty much impossible to miss. The teams are obviously pretty excited to be going somewhere cooler, and they’re even hoping for snow. The time in the South American heat has been quite grueling. The models are hoping for a good hair day, while Sheri & Cole rarely even see snow because they live in South Alabama.


Korey wonders what they speak in Switzerland (“Swiss?”), which reminds us of the Archer episode where the team goes to protect the Pope. Hopefully the Racers won’t have any treacherous encounters with the Swiss Guard.

All teams are now bunched at the airport, which means that Brodie and Blair have a little time to flirt and get to know each other, while almost everyone else is approached for photos. It’s odd to watch to say the least. Tyler in particular gets a lot of attention, which makes sense. He’s extremely charismatic, but more to the point, he has eight million subscribers on YouTube. More than half a million people watch his videos regularly. Tyler has a following.

Burnie & Ashley discuss the whereabouts of Switzerland with the models, with Burnie asking Brittany & Jessica what country it is in. He receives a blank stare from both of them, and eternal sadness from Roger Federer.

Once in Geneva, the teams remain pretty closely bunched as they reach the fountain, and are next sent to a Rohr chocolate shop. In the window is a board with a number order for the next task, and Burnie & Ashley get the number one spot followed by total chaos from the other teams all the way up until Blair & Scott claim the last number.

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