The Amazing Race Season 28 Recap - Episode 4

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By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

March 7, 2016

At least they can stop having bad hair days now.

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They’re all given sleeping bags in the cave/cellar where they’ll be spending their evening. It’s not long before Brodie and Blair are snuggling in a conjoined pair of sleeping bags. As Tyler & Korey delight over the blossoming love, we get a confessional from Blair where she admits, “There’s not not interest.” Brodie agrees. “It was good. It was a good conversation,” he says. True love indeed.

In the morning, the next clue indicates it’s time for a Detour. The choices are Work Bench or Bench Work. In Work Bench, they’ll need to follow some very precise instructions to assemble a Swiss Army Knife. In Bench Work, they’ll need to grab a newspaper apiece and figure out how many newspaper lengths (and butts) can sit on what Geneva residents brag is the longest wooden bench in the world. Both challenges actually seem a bit difficult, so we’re not sure which is the best option here. Usually it’s more clear cut.

The bench challenge seems amusing for everyone except for a couple of guys whose chess game is repeatedly interrupted. Seriously, their annoyance level is extreme. The players who choose Bench Work include Burnie & Ashley, Brodie & Kurt, Dana & Matt, Erin & Joslyn, Sheri & Cole and Brittany & Jessica. That leaves Tyler & Korey, Zach & Rachel, and Blair & Scott at the watch challenge. Brittany & Jessica initially want to go with the knife challenge, but they can’t find it. They walk straight past it, but eventually just (slowly) follow Sherri & Cole to the bench.

Amusingly, Burnie actually has a counter, so they’re well prepared for the challenge. They do attempt to negotiate with the chess players early on, warning them that they’ll be interrupting their game but in a nice way.


Dana goes the opposite way, telling Matt just to sit in the chess guys’ lap (whut?) and generally being rude. Her run of angry jerkiness continues for another leg. On their first time around, Burnie & Ashley’s answer (217) is just a bit too high (the range is 190 to 197), so they’re sent back for another try.

When Zach & Rachel initially turn in their Swiss Army Knife for checking, they’re told that they are missing a piece, so they head back to work on it some more. The dancers and the Clevver girls get the bench answer wrong, so they are also off for a second try. Brodie & Kurt get it right on the first try, and are directed to go to the “Broken Chair” to search for their next clue. They share the answer with Dana & Matt and Burnie & Ashley. For some reason, Dana & Matt go through and do the entire thing again, which gives Dana another chance to be horrible to the chess guys. This time, she nudges their board with her butt and knocks over a piece or two. We like Matt - he seems genuinely nice - but Dana is definitely the person we’d most like to see eliminated at this point.

Tyler & Korey get their knife right on the first try, and they are super excited when they’re told that they can keep it. Now, the Frisbee dudes, Rooster Teeth and Tyler & Korey are all moving to converge on the broken chair (which really is, by the way, a giant broken chair).

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