Survivor: Kaoh Rong

Episode 2 - Kindergarten Camp

By Jim Van Nest

March 1, 2016

Worst tribal performance ever? Maybe.

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Hello, good people! It is week two of Survivor Kaoh Rong, and I am pumped for tonight's episode. Aside from being forever creeped out by Ear Bug, I found the premiere to be pretty good and the cast to have a lot of potential.

Previously on Survivor, 18 Americans began the adventure of a lifetime. They were divided into three tribes we're all familiar with - Brains, Beauty and Brawn. Each tribe has some solid players and each tribe has some characters. The Brawn tribe had a bad day and was sent to the first Tribal Council, where they inexplicably voted out one of their stronger, more loyal members in favor of a schemer who does nothing in camp and even less in challenges. All because Darnell lost the diving mask. Also, I promised to be more economical with my words and then churned out a 3,000 word column to prove it. So, not all of us are able to keep our promises right out of the gate.

Tonight's episode promises a bro-mance of the weird kind and Debbie will continue to channel her inner Coach and completely alienate herself from everyone on the island. With all that being said, let's get started with Episode 2.


We begin tonight's episode at Brawn camp after Tribal. Alecia is happy to still be there, but doesn't care for how badly people talked to her at Tribal. Also, they've come back to camp with flint, so the attempts to start a fire have begun. As Alecia works on fire, the guys decide that if the worst happens, she is next.

Over at Beauty, everyone is out in the water, leaving Tai alone at camp. The call of the idol is strong in this one, so he steals away to search for it a little more. It doesn't take long before he finds a note in a tree. This note directs him to a dig spot, where he finds another note that points to a place high up in a tree where a key can be found. He's also given some materials to make a long pole to try to knock the container out of the tree. But he's a nature man and starts climbing the tree instead. He gets most of the way to the key, but in reality, all he really gets here is some abrasions on his chest and legs, as well as huge bleeding cuts on his feet. After a few minutes of the search, he decides that he needs to get back to camp to not appear as though he's looking for an idol. So he scurries back with visions of idols dancing through his head, and we cue the credits.

We come back from break to check in with the Brains tribe for the first time this episode. They use kerosene and matches to start their fire. Which is great for boiling water, but they don't really even need to do that, as Debbie explains. She's an expert on water and horses and cattle and well, everything. We're treated to another montage of all the things that Debbie is good at and both Liz and Peter begin to openly mock her. Peter tells us that she is so out there that she's the perfect person for him to keep around for as long as humanly possible.

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