Survivor: Kaoh Rong

Episode 2 - Kindergarten Camp

By Jim Van Nest

March 1, 2016

Worst tribal performance ever? Maybe.

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Back at Beauty, Tai is worried that he is the odd man out on his tribe, so it's time to start working the charm. And the object of his charm is country boy Caleb. Caleb tells us that despite being complete opposites, they are really getting along great. We're treated to a montage of the bro-mance blossoming. The rest of the tribe seems blown away by this odd couple. I actually kind of like it. Can't wait to see how far these two can go together.

After the break, we check back in with the Brains on Day 5 and they are almost out of kerosene, matches and fire. Neal and Liz are a bit upset by this and blame it on Joe. Joe and Debbie are now officially the "get off my lawn" old people of the tribe. They really don't care for Liz and her concern over the boiling of the water. Liz is getting concerned over the lack of water and the fact that Joe doesn't take her seriously. She's just trying to hold on until she can get some water in her system.

Over at Brawn, there's still no fire. Everything is going wrong on this tribe. Kyle is severely sunburned but sucks it up, saying that it's no worse than his time in Iraq. At some point, Alecia is determined to get a fire started. Five hours later, she finally gets the first flame on the tribe. And finally, Brawn has fire. And with it, they have some chicken and some spirit put back in them. Jenny is impressed by Alecia's refusal to give up.


We come back from commercial to an overhead view of a massive challenge obstacle course and, of course, a Probst Sighting! Despite its epic scope, today's challenge is actually pretty simple. Each tribe will race through the water/mud to get to a huge log. They'll untie the log and then carry it through a series of obstacles on a long course. Once they get to the end of the course, they'll have to untie a ball and then slingshot that ball at two targets. First tribe to knock down both targets wins immunity and a super duper fishing kit (with boat). Second team wins immunity and a small fishing kit. Last place - a date with Jeff and Tribal Council.

I'd recap the challenge, but Debbie's obnoxious cheerleading from the sideline made me fast forward a bit. As it turns out, Beauty pretty well owns this challenge and easily knocks down both targets to win immunity and the huge fishing kit. Brawn and Brains are right together, and each has one target knocked down. Scot loads and fires for Brawn and misses. Dr. Peter fires for Brains. It's a hit, and Brains win immunity and a small fishing kit. For the second week in a row, the Brawn tribe will head to Tribal Council. And somewhere, Uncle Cliff, Woo and #TeamTV Tony are shaking their heads in embarrassment for their brawny brethren. As we head to commercial, Kyle tells us that he's afraid they're turning out to be one of the worst tribes in Survivor history.

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