Survivor: Kaoh Rong

Episode 1 - I'm a Mental Giant

By Jim Van Nest

February 24, 2016

Guess what I did in the rice pot!

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Probst sighting! Today's challenge is a tough one. Everyone will have to swim out to a boat and then dive down and untie four oars. Next, they’ll paddle the boat to shore where they'll convert it to a cart and push it up a long hill of beach. At the top, they'll get to choose between a puzzle and a dexterity/balance challenge. First one to complete the puzzle or the dexterity challenge wins immunity and a super duper fire kit. Second place wins immunity and flint.

As the teams strategize, Darnell volunteers to dive for Brawn and Aubry, sick Aubry, volunteers to dive for Brains. Everyone is neck and neck and then Darnell dives in the water and right off the bat loses their mask. Aubry, meanwhile, is absolutely killing it. Oh yeah, Beauty has all of their paddles and is heading back to the beach. Aubry has Brains right behind. Without a mask, Brawn is out of this challenge. Beauty is first to change their boat into a cart, with Brains right behind. Surprisingly, Brawn has caught up and is creating their cart also. Brains have taken the lead and choose to do the puzzle. Brawn has surpassed beauty and they also choose the puzzle. After getting all four paddles for her tribe, Aubry is now also working the puzzle and knocking it out.

Brains are way out in front. Alecia is just standing around watching Jenny do all the work. Scot tags in for Alecia, as she was completely useless. Meanwhile, Julia and Anna are rocking there puzzle for Beauty. And like that, Brains win immunity! Aubry was an absolute beast in this challenge! Brawn and Beauty are neck and neck in the puzzle. Both tribes down to the last piece and Beauty gets it placed first. Brawn, headed to Tribal Council tonight. As we head to break, Alecia tells us her only hope is to throw Darnell under the bus for losing the mask. I don't think that will work, but you play the only card you have, I guess.


And with that, it's time to play "It's Anyone But Alecia." As the tribe gets back to camp, Alecia apologizes for not being able to do the puzzle, but Darnell takes the blame for losing the mask. Kyle wants Blondie gone because there's only so much stupid you can take. Scot, however, can't see farther than the lost mask and wants Darnell to pay the ultimate price for his mistake. As they try to convince Alecia that she's good to stay, she tries to play coy about having an immunity idol. This is enough to change Scot's mind. He doesn't like all the scheming and wants her gone. Ultimately, they go back and forth several times about whether it's Alecia or Darnell.

They arrive at Tribal and dip their torches to get fire. Right off the bat, Probst starts with "Jason." Makes me wonder, is this the new man-crush that Probst calls by his last name? Or did he legitimately forget that his first name is Kyle and not Jason? Right off the bat, he calls out Alecia and Darnell as the weakest links in the tribe. Darnell owns his mistake right off the bat. He accepts the blame for the mask with no excuses. Alecia tries to defend herself by saying that she would never volunteer for something she wasn't good at.

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