Survivor: Kaoh Rong

Episode 1 - I'm a Mental Giant

By Jim Van Nest

February 24, 2016

Guess what I did in the rice pot!

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We come back from break and join brawn doing what brawn does. Working hard, grunting and lifting heavy things. Well, everyone but Alecia aka Blondie. She does not fit in at all. Kyle and Scot are ready to make her the first boot of their tribe. Cydney and Darnell also don't like things are not looking good for the smallest member of the brawn tribe.

It’s time to check in with the Beauties and oh, no. The chickens have flown the coop. After finally chasing down two of them, Tai comes up with an idea to tie them together so they can walk around, but not be able to get away super easily. The girls are loving some Tai and want to pull him in as their fourth. But, they also love some Caleb and want to work with him as well. And just like that, Caleb helps the Beauty tribe get fire. Um, wow! Raise your hand if you saw that coming!

Let's see how the brains are faring. We meet 71-year-old Joe and get more from Debbie. This time, she's refusing to use the saw to cut bamboo and would rather chop it with an axe. What a waste of time. Liz and Neal are pretty well done listening to Debbie tell them how to do everything and they've decided that the older folks in the tribe have to go. So Debbie and Joe could be in trouble. They speak with Peter and Aubry and it's agreed. Joe and Debbie are first to go.


Back over at Beauty, we have one of the dumbest opening day moves ever. Tai has decided to look for the idol around Tree Mail. The problem is that he has no discretion at all and everyone knows what he's doing. To make it worse, when confronted, he freely admits he's looking for an idol and even tells them to head back to camp as he wants to look for a couple more minutes. Well, that's a different "strategy.” This segment is interrupted by some commercials but when we get back, all of the Beauties (save Tai) are agreeing that being awesome isn't the reason to keep someone blatantly looking for an idol and have made Tai enemy #1 on this tribe.

Day Two dawns on Brains and Aubry isn't doing well. It's wicked hot and humid and she's started to get dehydrated. Aside from that, I'm pretty sure she had an anxiety attack to go along with it. She actually asks her tribe mates to get her fruit and water and take care of her. Say what? Honestly, she doesn't even look actually sick. This is all in her head and I think she knows it. I know everyone else knows it. Neal is worried that this could be a repeat of BvBvB last time where the Brains tribe was just completely inept and got destroyed in the challenges.

As night two descends on the Brawn tribe, what can only be described as the single most disturbing thing I've even seen on Survivor occurs. Apparently Jenny has had a bug crawl into her ear. She talks of horrible pain, ear bleeding and being able to hear its feet as it burrows deeper into her ear hole. Thankfully, this scene is stopped by a commercial break. But when we come back from break, it's the morning of day three and the bug is apparently still in there. Seems to me she should dunk her head in the ocean until the thing is flushed out. Or, I don't medical. We get a few more minutes of her writing in pain. We get to hear the rest of the tribe being worried that she could get pulled before today's challenge. She finally lays down and out crawls this creepy little half inch long worm and you can see he's all full of blood. After being grossed out and looking at it for a while, Scot finally grabs the little sucker, squishes him and Jenny declares herself pissed off and ready to go win this challenge!

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