The Amazing Race 27 Episode 10 Recap

Bring the Fun, Baby!

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

November 30, 2015

Dysfunction, thy name is...

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Way back at the balloon area, Tiffany is off on her bike ride, while James Earl frets about their last place positioning – especially with the U-Turn ahead. Isn’t it cute that he thinks someone would consider them a big enough threat to U-Turn them?

While Tiffany is biking, people keep grabbing at her balloons. Eventually, someone gets them enough that they all fall off into the road. “Why would you do that? she sobs.

Even with this disadvantage, she somehow gets her clue anyway. We’re not sure how. Basically, the show cuts from the scene where she’s crying to the scene where’s she’s receiving the clue.

When Justin & Diana arrive to pick up their kids’ ride, they demonstrate their skill in the Race by checking it first to make sure the wheels are good. We’ve seen other teams struggle through some challenges because of inferior equipment. #TheGreenTeam leaves nothing to chance.

They push the ride about a half-mile down the road, and behind them a crowd cheers delightedly. Kelsey & Joey have set off on their journey as well, and as we suspected, the Groom challenge seems decidedly tougher.

Logan & Chris yell at each other all the way to the clue box, and it only gets better when they see their own faces on the U-Turn board. “Justin & Diana aren’t our favorite people,” Chris says, “We won’t be inviting them to Miami anytime soon.” I’m sure #TheGreenTeam will be very sad not to witness the home version of “Shut up!” “No you shut up!”

James Earl has finally finished the balloon challenge, and will be following #TheCheerleaders to the Detour clue stand. The girls are happy not to be the victims of the U-Turn, and they choose the Groom challenge, which seems a bad option for them.

Logan & Chris start with the “Fun” challenge. They look absolutely miserable, and Chris confirms this, saying that he feels dehydrated and weak.

It’s truly a joy for Justin & Diana to push the kids on their swing. As they do so, they comment that they want children of their own, so this experience is special for them. They receive their next clue, which tells them to look for Phil somewhere on the party grounds for the Pit Stop. The editors don’t even bother to tease us. It’s the 33-minute mark of the show and they’re already checked in as Team #1. For winning this leg, they each receive $5,000. I guess they were running out of trips to give them.


Kelsey & Joey are checked in next, as they are led to Phil by a bunch of happily screaming kids. We’re surprised that Kelsey is smiling considering how little she has seemed to like them in past legs.

When Denise & James Earl see Logan & Chris’s faces on the U-Turn sign, they’re really grateful. They think that #TheGreenTeam did it to help them, but really it was just about smacking down a team that had been jerks. Either way, it’s the only thing giving #TeamAlabama a chance. This leg would be a foregone conclusion otherwise. They’re doing the Groom challenge as well.

More screaming ensues between Logan & Chris as they get their kids’ swing to its location. There’s some weird disagreement between them about what they’re supposed to do, even though they’re both saying the same thing.

#TheCheerleaders have a lot of trouble getting their generator going, and to make matters worse, people are laughing at them as they do it. As soon as they get going, Chris & Logan arrive on the scene, which means that the two of them realize that they are still in the race.

Soon after they’ve arrived (theoretically, anyway – who knows with editing?), Denise & James Earl choose their groom and have started their procession to the wedding.

So, there’s a lot of cuts between the three teams as they make their way to the wedding, but we’re pretty sure the writing is on the wall for #TeamAlabama. Tiffany & Krista do arrive first, which means that they will be checked in as Team #3. It’s pretty much miraculous that they’re still in this Race.

That leaves Logan & Chris as the fourth team to arrive, which means that it’s the end of the line for Denise & James Earl. They arrive while #TheCheerleaders and #ThePaparazzi are still on the mat. Tiffany & Krista are bereft, as they’re no more fans of Logan & Chris than anyone else, including us.

To the credit of Denise & James Earl, they really did get supportive of each other toward the end of the Race, and their final commentary is very touching. Even though Denise’s religion has previously caused them some strife, they have found common ground and a new appreciation for each other. We’re really happy to see it.

Next week, Justin has some tears. Does this mean they are in some trouble on the Race? Maybe, because the show doesn’t usually tend to show misleading previews. Even so, it looks like they’re not the only ones in trouble. We’re promised a shocking ending, though. We’ll see.

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