The Amazing Race 27 Episode 10 Recap

Bring the Fun, Baby!

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

November 30, 2015

Dysfunction, thy name is...

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#TheCheerleaders leave about a half hour after #ThePaparazzi, and then Denise & James Earl are about a half hour behind them. Given how terrible #TeamAlabama has been at tasks, it’s going to be very difficult to catch up.

While Logan works on the balloons, Chris talks about how this wouldn’t be a great spot to get down on one knee and propose and maybe the two of them might consider marriage some day and blah blah blah, but it is distinctly lacking in the romance department. Or even the affection department. She takes this moment to tell him to shut up and get away from her because his negativity is driving her crazy.

The bicycle ride to the wedding planner is fraught with peril, but Justin handles it like a champ (of course). While he’s making the delivery, Diana is giving temporary tattoos to some of the kids in the area – and some adults, too. He’s back well before #TheReporters or #ThePaparazzi have enough balloons for the bike ride, and neither #TheCheerleaders nor #TeamAlabama have even arrived yet.

With their next clue in hand, Justin & Diana are headed to the Goyal Book Store, which is where the U-Turn will be located. Sorry, Logan & Chris!


Joey has finished the task, and arrives back to pick up Kelsey just as Tiffany & Krista arrive on the scene. Tiffany watches Logan’s bad balloon strategy and figures out a better way to load them into the net. Even so, Logan has finished and is off for her bike ride. Denise & James Earl are also at the balloon area, and Denise says that James Earl should take the challenge. At this point, if they’re not eliminated, Denise is pretty much going to have to do all of the Roadblocks remaining.

The Roadblock is really hard for James Earl, because he got the last remaining net, which is pretty crappy and hard to work with. They’re just in a terrible position right now, and their best hope is that the Detours are hard enough that Logan & Chris will fall behind.

Indeed, Justin & Diana have decided to U-Turn #ThePaparazzi as expected, and we hope this doesn’t come back to bite them someday. Strategically, #TheReporters would be the team to U-Turn since they’re the strongest ones remaining.

Today’s Detour Choices are between “Bring the Groom” or “Bring the Fun.” For “Bring the Groom,” teams have to lug a heavy generator and a heavy electric candelabra as they march a groom to his wedding. Once there, they receive the next clue. “Bring the Fun” has teams pushing a kid’s fair ride through the crowded streets of Agra. Once it is in place, they’ll push the kids – it’s kind of like a swing.

Justin & Diana choose “Bring the Fun,” which definitely looks like the easier of the two challenges. #TheReporters choose “Groom,” and also note that they intend to work with #TheGreenTeam all the way to the final three. Of course, we’re not too far from that point, so it’s not like that’s saying much.

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