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James Bond and Snoopy Equal Spectre-acular Box Office

By John Hamann

November 8, 2015

Still nicer than Billy Martin.

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America’s youth showed up for a good movie this time, as The Peanuts Movie was reviewed very well. At RottenTomatoes, The Peanuts Movie is certified fresh at 86%, with only 12 negative reviews out of a possible 86. The A Cinemascore provided even better news, as kids like the product. With this kind of response and opening, the Blue Sky Studios product is setting the stage for a big franchise, because The Peanuts Movie is going to sell a lot of merchandise as it dances toward Christmas. The animated flick has the place to itself until November 25th, which means it has two full weekends of likely strong holds to come. The Peanuts Movie cost Fox and partners $100 million to make, so even with an opening-to-total multiplier approaching a 5.0, it is still going to need some help overseas to turn it into a mega-hit.

Dropping to third, but already in its sixth weekend, is The Martian. Despite over $100 million in new business at the box office, the Ridley Scott/Matt Damon film still held well. After earning $11.7 million over the Halloween frame, The Martian took in $9.3 million this weekend, giving it a drop of only 21%. Unfortunately, The Martian will have to wait another weekend to get to $200 million, as the stateside total currently stands at $197.1 million. Add to that another $260 million in overseas business, and this $108 million film has done remarkably well since opening on October 2nd.

Fourth is Goosebumps, which loses some steam due to Halloween being in the rear-view mirror and the launch of The Peanuts Movie. It still managed $7 million this weekend, giving it a decline of 29%. That score brings its total up to $66.4 million and it also has an overseas gross of $25 million, but it still has some large markets to open in. Goosebumps cost $58 million to make, so it will need some help to make it to profitability.

Bridge of Spies is fifth as it has to deal with the opening of Spectre. The Tom Hanks starrer earned another $6.1 million and fell 28%. Now out for four weekends, the Steven Spielberg film has taken in $55 million. The cold war thriller has also picked up $17 million overseas, but has only debuted in a limited amount of markets.

The rest of the top ten don’t amount to more than Spectre’s first day. Sixth is Hotel Transylvania 2, which earned $3.6 million and dropped 39%. It has earned $161.3 million domestically, and has now outgrossed the original both at home and abroad. Seventh is Burnt, which earned only $3 million in its second weekend. The Bradley Cooper flick fell 40%, and has a gross-to-date of $10.2 million.


Eighth is The Last Witch Hunter with Vin Diesel. The actioner earned $2.7 million and fell 49%, giving it a total of $23.6 million. Moving up a couple of spots to ninth is The Intern, which earned $1.8 million and declined only 25%. This one has turned a $17 million opening weekend into a gross-to-date of $71.4 million. It has also earned another $109 million overseas.

Tenth spot goes to Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension, which took in $1.7 million and dropped 52%. It has a running total of $16.8 million against a $10 million budget. Our Brand Is Crisis is 11th, and earns only $1.5 million. It fell 54% from its $3.2 million opening, and has a total that stands at only $6 million.

On the limited release side, Spotlight, from Open Road, opened in five theaters and earned $302,276, giving it a venue average of $60,455. Brooklyn, with Saorise Ronan, also opened on five screens, and earned $181,000. It had a venue average of $36,200.

Overall this weekend, the box office got its groove back, thanks to two big debuting films. The top 12 earned $156.3 million this weekend, leaving last weekend’s top 12 take of $62.7 million in the dust. A year ago, things were also massive, as both Big Hero 6 and Interstellar debuted to a combined $104 million, leading the top 12 to $146.7 million.

Next weekend, three new releases hit screens, but none will be as big as either opener this weekend. Debuting films include Love the Coopers with Ed Helms, The 33, about trapped miners in South America, and My All American, a faith-based film with Aaron Eckhart.

Top Weekend Box Office for 11/6/15-11/8/15 (Estimates)
Rank Film Distributor Estimated Gross Weekly Change Running Total
1 Spectre Sony $73,000,000 New $73,000,000
2 The Peanuts Movie Fox $45,000,000 New $45,000,000
3 The Martian Fox $9,300,000 - 21% $197,067,000
4 Goosebumps $6,965,000 - 29% $66,440,954
5 Bridge of Spies Disney $6,086,000 - 27% $54,972,000
6 Hotel Transylvania 2 Sony $3,550,000 - 39% $161,293,404
7 Burnt Weinstein Co. $3,003,000 - 40% $10,211,287
8 The Last Witch Hunter Lionsgate $2,650,000 - 49% $23,571,701
9 Crimson Peak Universal $1,818,895 - 41% $29,851,700
10 The Intern DreamWorks $1,810,000 - 25% $71,407,000
11 Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimension Paramount $1,650,000 - 52% $16,281,000
12 Our Brand Is Crisis Palm Pictures $1,500,000 - 54% $6,001,000
  Also Opening/Notables
  Miss You Already Roadside Attractions $550,000 New $550,000
  Spotlight Open Road Films $302,276 New $302,276
  Trumbo Bleecker Street $77,229 New $77,229
  Miss You Already Roadside Attractions $550,000 New $550,000
  Spotlight Open Road Films $302,276 New $302,276
  Trumbo Bleecker Street $77,229 New $77,229
  Brooklyn FOX SEARCHLIGHT $181,000 New $181,000
  Scouts Guide To the Zombie Apocalypse Paramount $630,000 - 66% $3,151,000
  Heneral Luna Abramorama $88,068 + 469% $111,216
  Rock the Kasbah Open Road Films $59,021 - 83% $2,738,733
  I Smile Back Broad Green Pictures $11,793 + 21% $50,443
  Suffragette Focus Features $779,000 + 354% $1,135,568
  Heart of a Dog Abramorama $29,100 + 182% $73,166
  Woodlawn Pure Flix $1,150,000 - 34% $12,537,198
  Room A24 $518,259 + 77% $1,450,406
  Truth Sony Classics $401,445 - 54% $1,975,450
  Steve Jobs Universal $823,055 - 69% $16,684,128
  Sicario Lionsgate $1,100,000 - 36% $43,972,391
Box office data supplied by Exhibitor Relations
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