The Amazing Race Season 27 - Episode 6 Recap

My Tongue Doesn't Even Twist That Way

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

November 2, 2015

There's something so baller about the fact that Kelsey is wearing a Kelsey hat.

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#TeamAlabama is still wandering the streets of France aimlessly.

Speaking of demoralized, Tanner & Josh are aggravated when Cindy & Rick finish the seafood challenge ahead of them. The guys say that they’re not detail-oriented, while the fact that Rick is a doctor means he must be. It gets worse, though, because when the guys turn in their seafood display, they’re told to try again.

Logan & Chris are headed to their Detour, and Denise & James Earl are about to completely lose the lead they had on that last-place team.

On their eighth try, Kelsey & Joey complete their rap (though still not very well). “I’m never rapping again,” says Joey. He’s way too funny and likes animals too much to be with Kelsey, we think.

At last, Denise & James Earl have found the bridge where they will rap. “The words – they were just funky words!” says Denise. These French people should speak the English language like the good Lord intended.

Tanner & Josh figure out their mistake and are allowed to proceed. They’re walking out just as Logan & Chris are arriving.

We get a tiny bit more bickering from Justin & Diana while they search for Phil, and the editing adorably tries to make it seem as if someone besides them might finish in first.

It’s Denise & James Earl’s first attempt at the rap and they fail hard. But they’re okay for now because Logan & Chris can’t get it right, either.


Actually, if you like montages of people being terrible at rap, this portion of the episode is totally for you. Most people, including us, do not, so it’s actually quite excruciating.

Logan & Chris get their seafood tray right on the second try while they mumble something about details, something that isn’t their strong suit so far.

The show finally gives up the pretense that anyone other than #TheGreenTeam will finish in first place, and they are checked in as Team #1. Phil sucks completely, because instead of giving them a prize, he tells them they’re starting the next leg of the race. And we know now that we’re looking at a “to be continued” once again. We haven’t even had a non-elimination leg yet, but really, the “to be continueds” are far, far more annoying.

Phil does tell Justin & Diana to keep their heart rate cards handy because they will need them in the next leg of the race. He also tells Justin to be nice to Diana, who says he will and apologizes.

Against all odds, #TheCheerleaders are Team #2. They’re thrilled about it and thrilled to still be racing.

The fact that Phil mentions the heart rate cards again to Kelsey & Joey means that some team isn’t going to have theirs in the next leg of the race. Logan & Chris, we’re looking at you.

Denise & James Earl are on their 15th attempt, but what does it matter? They’ll still be racing after they check in with Phil.

What a useless leg.

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