The Amazing Race Season 27 - Episode 6 Recap

My Tongue Doesn't Even Twist That Way

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

November 2, 2015

There's something so baller about the fact that Kelsey is wearing a Kelsey hat.

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Now that #TheGreenTeam has flown, the next clue directs them to go to Square Louise Michel, which the camera shows us is right in front of the famous landmark Sacré Coeur.

It’s probably significant that when Kelsey reads her clue, she notes that you only have one chance to say the three French Revolution words correctly. If you miss them, you have to fly again. We’re guessing someone messes this up – probably Logan or Tiffany, though it could be foreshadowing for our first ever Kelsey slip-up.

Only three people can go up at a time, so Logan, Tiffany and Josh are in the air, while James Earl, Cindy and Kelsey are waiting their turn.

And, lo and behold, Logan is unable to find her third word. Right about now is where we note that Chris was trying to tell her to be really careful and watch for her clues when she told him to shut up. You know how great couples bring out the best in each other? We now know what the opposite of that is.

Hoping to achieve a little separation, Justin & Diana try a cab to their next location, but soon realize it won’t work for them. Their cab driver dumps them on the side of the road and they have to wait for another one to come pick them up.


Tiffany and Josh have no trouble getting their next clue (although Tiffany butchers the French language), but Logan… well, at least she’s sheepish. “Chris is going to kill me,” she says. She now has to wait for three teams to go ahead of her, so yeah. He may do just that.

Now that they’re back at the train station, Justin & Diana are arguing about the taxi problem. It’s the first time they’ve shown any signs of strife, and we wonder if Diana might still be feeling stressed out from the jump from the Falls. Perhaps she just needs a moment to get over it.

#TheCheerleaders and #TeamTexas go the wrong direction for the train, so #TheGreenTeam’s lead is perfectly comfortable. Kelsey, James Earl and Cindy have no trouble with their French Revolution clues, so all five of them will be on the next train together. Logan has put herself and Chris way behind – and in fact, they miss the train the other teams have boarded.

Now that they’ve gotten to their next location, Justin & Diana do indeed seem to have settled down, which is good because it’s time for them to do their Detour. They’ll choose between “Drops Mic” or “Bust a Crab.” For “Drops Mic,” we’re told that Paris has a robust hip-hop community. Teams will have to perform a rap from legendary artist Posse (we think – closed captioning calls him Possum). Teams will be judged on pronunciation, rhythm and vibe. If they can “master” all three, they’ll receive their next clue.

La Coupole is the world’s most famous brasserie, best known for the royal platter, which includes an awful lot of complicated seafood. Teams have to shuck, crack and decorate the various types of seafood correctly. Seems kind of hard, but then again rapping might not be in a lot of teams’ skillset (*cough cough Denise & James Earl cough cough*).

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