The Amazing Race Recap

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

October 12, 2015

So long, guys. We barely knew you.

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Back at the savory Gaucho Grill, we learn that attention to detail is crucial to completing the challenge. Players make several mistakes before eventually earning their next clue. Justin tries to charm his way into sneaking through, but the Gaucho isn’t won over by his effort. The process takes so long that the people from the second bus arrive before any of the first three teams completes this leg.

As everyone struggles, we learn a few things. First of all, #TeamAlabama makes a pinky swear not to fight for the rest of the day. Since they also promised #TheGreenTeam that they wouldn’t share any information with other teams in the last leg before telling everyone, we give this the respect it deserves. We also learn that Reporter Joey loves to cook, which should help him get a nice woman after he dumps his current dog-hating lady friend. #TheCheerleaders reiterate that they’re athletes, which makes them three for three on this point during the season to date.

Eventually, Josh finishes first, placing #TeamTexas in first place. Without Justin ahead of them, they won’t have anything to bitch about during the next challenge. The instructions direct them toward Plaza Principal, where they will appear in some sort of dance routine. Wait, didn’t we just have one of those?

Reporter Joey, whose cooking skills and local celebrity make you want to swipe right, beats Justin, who has resorted to basic guessing after a huge number of rejections. Thanks to some clever play today, #TheReporters have moved from seventh to second place before #TheDancers even arrive to the challenge. That’s a productive morning.


#TeamTexas arrives at the designated location where many people are dancing, but it’s a swerve. The choices for today’s Detour are Horse and Carriage. Horse requires teams to dress like a polo player and dress a (fake) horse for a polo match. Carriage requires teams to dress a carriage and then pull it down a street to a tree where they harness the carriage to the horses. No matter which side they select, they’ll bring their finished product back to the festival where everyone is dancing to receive their next clue. #TeamTexas chooses Horse, presumably because Tanner can’t drag a carriage due to his injury.

The news gets worse for #TheGreenTeam when they fall victim to *sigh* #ChacAttack. Rick does better on the challenge than anyone else from the first two groups. Out of the first four teams to arrive, including the finally victorious Justin, three select horse. Only DoctorDentist chooses Carriage, and they promptly screw up by forgetting to grab their buggy whip. After being the most precise person during the prior leg, Rick promptly drops the ball here. They have to run all the way back several kilometers to where the clue was, only to discover that they have to run all the way back to where they just were and grab a whip. There will never be a 50 Shades of #ChacAttack.

The mother from #TeamAlabama screws up yet again. She is a tremendous control freak with no confidence in or respect for her son, who seems like a very competent young man. He, like almost everyone else, struggles a bit with the challenge. She…shouts out exactly what he’s doing wrong. Have you ever noticed teammates don’t do that on The Amazing Race? Do you know why? It’s cheating, and they’ll likely be penalized for it. In the process, she also notifies several other teams what they should look for. Soon afterward, virtually everyone from the second bus finishes this heat, thanks in no small part to MamaBama.

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