Survivor: Cambodia - Second Chance Power Rankings

Power Rankings - Week 1

By Ben Willoughby

September 29, 2015

Hey, it's a bunch of people we don't remember!

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Everyone thinks Joe is amazing again, thanks to his fire-making and yoga-leading qualities. Though I occasionally wonder how long it will be before Joe dies in a freak gasoline fight accident.


We’ve seen Jeremy put together a proto-alliance of Savage, Keith, Joe, Tasha and excluding Fishbach, but we’ll see if it actually sticks when it comes to a vote. Also, Jeremy is another player who seems to have gone "one, two, three, four, five... we're good."


Ten years after Pearl Islands, Savage still thinks he’s the bees knees and the only blot on his life is his terrible Survivor loss. However, Savage’s teenage daughters think Joe is perfect, and Savage recalls how he told them “Girls, I’m sitting right here!” That’s... pretty creepy when you think about it.


Tasha says that last time she played Survivor she didn’t want to disappoint her family or church members by lying or cheating. But now her church members are encouraging her to lie and backstab - absolution! She seems to be in an alliance, I guess?


Keith “no foreign yoga stuff! In America, we drink coffee!” says he is going with the same strategy as in his last season, with one or two tweaks. Which is what I would recommend to most Survivor returnees – you’re not going to be able to change who you are, and the other castaways will think you're a huge phony if you try too hard. But in Keith’s case, he had a terrible strategy the first time around.


Ciera, the mom-voter, just doesn’t want to let down America this season. Or the small percentage of America who voted for Ciera to come back out of the small percentage of America who voted in the Survivor Second Chance poll. (I kid, Ciera. I voted for you! Don't let me down!)



Kass is a self-described trouble-maker, but she is planning to stay low-key until the merge and then do the trouble-making. But hopefully we'll see it come out earlier, since she seems to be shut out of the proto-alliance.


All we’ve seen of Monica so far was her feeling insecure because she is a tiny woman.


Kimmi’s contribution so far is telling everyone Fishbach is looking for the idol. Probably because if the vote is not for Fishbach, it’ll be for her.


Fishbach feels out of place because he’s a nerd and there are all these big physical guys on his tribe. Well, it’s Survivor. You have one, maybe two nerds a season. Well, three this time - and the other two are on the opposite tribe. Tough luck, Fishbach! But still - Fishbach, if you can't make fire, at least learn how to break pieces of wood into smaller pieces of wood so there's no montage of you being "the kid who gets picked last at gym." On top of that, everyone already thinks he’s sneaky. Cesternino is going to give him so much crap.

Those are the Power Rankings for this first week. Tune in tonight to see... well, not a lot, according to Next Time On Survivor. But be sure to come back here later for Jim's recap.

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