Survivor: Cambodia - Second Chance Power Rankings

Power Rankings - Week 1

By Ben Willoughby

September 29, 2015

Hey, it's a bunch of people we don't remember!

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Shirin wanted to lock down her alliance right away, and made the right move to bond with Spencer, the other Survivor nerd on the tribe. This may be a case of “keep your friends close...," but more likely it is “at last, someone who is excited to go through the strategies from every single season."


Kelley says that her “what if?” is “what if I didn’t play with my Dad?”, so not really related to her gameplay at all. But she proves herself by finding a clue to the hidden immunity idol, and then picking the right moment to collect it unseen - when Joe was just about to get the key on his pole.


Peih-Gee says she doesn’t want to get stuck making the same mistakes as last time. Of course, I’m not convinced even Shirin and Spencer can remember what mistakes Peih-Gee made in her season. Anyway, she’s basically ostracized by people who can’t count beyond five, and now seems to be along for Varner's ride.



Abi Maria talks about all the social mistakes she made in her season and how she’ll try to keep her “Brazilian dragon” in check. You can tell Abi Maria thinks of herself as a Daenerys Targaryen type, but in reality she’s more like Viserys.

And so we see Abi Maria admitting that she likes being a villain because villains have more fun, and then telling everyone how upset she is with Peih-Gee for having her bracelet in her bag. She just can’t keep her nature in check. Others may try and take her along as a goat, but this is a dangerous ploy as she is smart enough to recognize this and volatile enough to do something about it. "You know what happens when you wake the dragon!"


Dietz says [correctly] that his social game was his mistake last time. It doesn’t show much improvement this time, because he gushes to Spencer that his children wrote a dossier for him on every contestant. And then he says that his kids told him to ally with Spencer and doesn't do it.


I never saw Woo’s season, so I never realized until now that he went to San Dimas High. Woo called out the old-school new-school difference at Tribal Council, which is not something you do at the first Tribal Council.


Wiglesworth admits that her first season loss has been poking at her for 15 years. She is certainly looking in better shape than the other returnees from 10 or more seasons past. However, within five minutes of Probst yelling “Go!”, she had already made a strategic error by deciding to swim the entire distance from the boat with the stuff on it to the boat with the rice on it, then getting tired and then being overtaken by younger, stronger players. And now she is 0 for 2 in the Quest for Fire Challenge – will that haunt her for the next 15 years?

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