Weekend Wrap-Up

Jurassic World, Inside Out Lead Triumphant Box Office

By John Hamann

June 21, 2015

Next sequel: Jurassic Jail.

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Pixar and Inside Out won the battle on Friday, but lost the war to Jurassic World over the weekend. However, this is one of those weekends where everyone wins and records fall.

The box office had gone cool a few weekends ago, getting everyone concerned that the 2015 summer box office was in trouble. Then, Jurassic World stormed the record book last weekend, debuting to a record setting $208.8 million and becoming the first non-comic book, non-Harry Potter or Hunger Games film to enter the top ten. Suddenly things were looking up, but when Marvel’s Avengers stormed the box office, totals fell off in its follow-up weekend, despite the Marvel property earning $103.1 million in its second frame. That weekend, the top 12 earned $162.3 million, somewhat average considering the size of the number one film. This weekend, Jurassic World’s competition does not come with the floppy Dark Shadows; instead, it comes with the first Pixar release in two years - Inside Out, with its 98% fresh rating and A Cinemascore.

Given the size of its opening, it was hard to imagine Jurassic World not being the number one film of the weekend, even if Inside Out broke out (which it did). The Universal behemoth did slip to number two on Friday, finishing behind Inside Out, but then trampled the competition over the remainder of Father’s Day weekend. On Friday, though, moviegoers sought out the animation and left Jurassic World earning $29 million, off 65% compared to the $82 million opening day. Of course, $18.5 million of that debut came on Thursday, so compared to the real Friday score of $63.5 million, Jurassic World was off a mere 54%, giving it a chance to hold extremely well. The target for Jurassic World was naturally the second weekend of Avengers, which fell only 50% in its second weekend from $207.4 million to the biggest second weekend of all time, at $103.1 million. Marvel’s Avengers started its second weekend with $29.2 million, so the two blockbusters were neck and neck off the top.


Over the remainder of the weekend, Jurassic World continued to put up impressive numbers, just like it has since it opened. With a weekend total of $102 million, which means it just missed the $103.1 million record for biggest second weekend. Of course, it's important to remember that this time last week, we didn't think Jurassic World had the opening weekend record, either. When estimates are updated tomorrow, it could very well be the second weekend champ.

For the weekend, Jurassic World falls a relatively tiny 51%, avoiding the 55%+ falls of other uber-blockbusters like Age of Ultron (-59%), Iron Man 3 (-58%), and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 (-72%). It follows a huge Monday-to-Thursday where it earned $85 million, and the film crossed the $300 million on Friday, its eighth day, beating the record held by Marvel’s Avengers, which did it in nine days.

Jurassic World's current domestic total has reached $398.2 million, which means it will become the fastest movie to reach $400 million tomorrow and doing it in only means it is the fastest movie to reach $400 million, doing so in only 11 days of release. Jurassic World didn’t sneak by The Avengers like it did when it crossed $300 million one day faster, it beat the Disney product by an entire three days when reaching $400 million. It will earn $450 million by the end of the week (only four other films have earned $450 million). At this point, Jurassic World's box office is bigger than any of the freaks of nature in the actual film, and it shows no signs of stopping. It gets a little direct demographic competition next weekend in Max (boys under 18), but doesn’t have to deal with Terminator: Genisys until July 3rd (and the verdict is still out on the reboot, anyway). Overseas, Jurassic World has brought its total up to $583 million, and has a massive worldwide take of $981 million.

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