Monday Morning Quarterback Part II

By BOP Staff

June 10, 2015

They had a Gilmore Girls reunion without me?

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Kim Hollis: Entourage, the feature film expansion of the HBO series, earned $10.3 million from Friday to Sunday and has accumulated $17.7 million since it opened on Wednesday. What do you think of this result?

Edwin Davies: Every year, there always seems to be one film that opens on a Wednesday to avoid being in direct competition with other films or to get some extra buzz behind it, and in the majority of cases it backfires, since the film burns off demand during the week and becomes something of a non-factor during the actual weekend. That pattern happened yet again with Entourage, which earned almost half of its total to date on Wednesday and Thursday. It was clearly a film that only fans would be particularly interested in, and the results so far reaffirm that notion.

Would opening on Friday have turned the film into a bigger hit? Probably not, but if the fans turned out in force on Friday the way they did on Wednesday and Thursday, it could have finished in the top three on that day and nabbed a few headlines, which might have attracted people who had previously been on the fence. It would still have had to overcome the fact that it's a film version of a TV show whose cultural moment peaked in 2008/2009, but which never attained the level of success of Sex and the City, the previous notable HBO show to make the jump from the small to the big screen. Nothing in the marketing for this film made a good case for why anyone who didn't know the show should care about the film version.


Felix Quinonez: I think it's a fine result. The show went off the air four years ago and it didn't exactly leave at the height of its popularity. I really don't think people were waiting anxiously for this and it performed about as well as could be expected.

Ryan Kyle: This is a fine result for a fairly inconsequential release that seems to only have been made as a favor to somebody. I feel as if it were released during January or February or Labor Day weekend, during slower times of the year, the result might be viewed more of a success. However, during the busy summer months, this seems like a flash in the pan that will be gone by next week. The Wednesday opening I don't think helped much at all outside of subtract from the weekend total, but this is a case of just trying to rake in as much cash as possible before the HBO premiere.

Kim Hollis: Honestly, I’m surprised it did this well. The show is well past its expiration date, both for actual episodes running and for people enjoying those episodes. I would never have believed that $17 million worth of people would watch it over five days.

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