Survivor Worlds Apart - Episode 12 Recap

Holding On For Dear Life

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Sherpa

May 10, 2015

Obviously ashamed of the tops of his ears

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Tyler catches up with Carolyn and asks her what she's thinking for the vote tonight? She says Dan and he agrees with her on that. This plan has them flushing out Mike's idol and getting rid of Dan and his advantage. This would leave Carolyn as the only person with an advantage in the game. However, Tyler knows she has the idol and he's the only one who knows she has it. So, if he goes, NO ONE will know she has an immunity idol, so she's not 100% on what she's going to do tonight.

Jeff starts Tribal by saying that he expects that the alliance is looking to take out Mike, but that he has an idol. Mike says that 1 of the 6 will definitely be going home tonight and that he's excited about it. Jeff asks Dan about the votes he got and Dan says that he found out quickly who voted for him, but he admits that when the talk came to who was on the bottom of the alliance that a pretty clear picture was painted. He asks Tyler what happened after the challenge today and Tyler says that while he didn't exactly scramble, he certainly touched base with everyone as he knows he's on Mike's chopping block. Jeff then asks Mike if there's been any concern about Dan's advantage. Mike says that there's been a lot of talk about it and that he has NO Idea what it could be. He asks Carolyn about the advantage and she lies and says that she has no idea what it is and there is a worry that it could be another Tyler Perry idol or something. Dan says that everyone has approached him about the advantage. He also says that what the advantage is doesn't matter, that just having it makes him a target. Sierra actually speaks at Tribal Council and says pretty much nothing. Jeff asks Tyler if he'd be surprised if he's the one walking out of here tonight. Tyler hems and haws a little but finally says that he would be surprised. And with that, it's time to vote.


We see Dan's vote for Mike talking about how much it breaks his heart. I still wonder what he must be thinking as he's watching the season unfold on TV. To see that Mike was dead on 100% right on everything and he was an idiot. Maybe Jeff will ask at the reunion. We see Mike's vote for Tyler sating that he's been trying to get him out of the game for a while now. Other than that, we see no votes. Jeff tallies the votes and then asks about hidden immunity idols. After a long pause, Mike jumps up and plays his idol. Any votes cast for Mike will not count. Let's read the votes. First vote: Mike. Mike. Mike. Mike. None of these count. Tyler. 12th person voted out and the 5th member of our jury...Tyler. After seeing the votes, we see that Mike, Carolyn and Sierra cast the Tyler votes, while everyone else voted for Mike.

Next time on Survivor: the majority alliance crumbles and Mike sees an opportunity. Dan tells us he knew they'd have to turn. Mike tells Dan that the alliance is gunning for him. Then he tells Carolyn and Sierra that Dan is voting for one of them, "1 Million percent!" Whatever happens, we're going to see the culmination of this season play out over the next 2 weeks as 2 Tuesdays from now the 2 hour season finale will air. Following, of course, will be the reunion.

And now for something completely different, Jeff Probst made the super-secret announcement that for the 31st season of the show, they're bringing back players that they feel deserve a second chance at the game and WE get to decide who will be on the cast. Just head over to and you can see the 16 men and 16 women that you can choose to be on the next season of Survivor. And if you tune into BOP, you'll get to see the official ballots of the BOP Survivor team: me, Ben Willoughby, David Mumpower and Kim Hollis. We may even have some guest ballots for you as well. So be sure to make BOP a daily stop for all sorts of Survivor coverage over the last 2 weeks of this season. As always, be sure to hit me up on the Tweet Box with questions/comments/complaints. Til next week, take care!

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