Survivor Worlds Apart - Episode 12 Recap

Holding On For Dear Life

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Sherpa

May 10, 2015

Obviously ashamed of the tops of his ears

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As we dissolve back to the beach, we see a VERY busy beehive and I can only assume it's a metaphor for the storm that's brewing in Rodney. After all, it's his damn birthday!!! The birthday boy is on the beach doing dishes. And whining about it. Everyone's a scumbag and he hasn't been on any rewards and whaaaaaaaa! Seriously, you want to go on a reward, dude? Win a damn challenge. You want to go on a reward, don't leave the bag of balls behind like a dumbass. You want to go on a reward, make some kind of a positive impression on people that would make them want to take you. At this point, I hope you go 38 days without a reward and then get booted at final 4, so you don't even get the final 3 feast, you crybaby. At camp, the other 3 are bracing for what is to come. Tyler thinks he might cool off, Dan doesn't think so. Rodney comes up and just starts blasting Mama C. He didn't expect Sierra or Mike to take him on reward, but Mama C talks about Survivor family and all that, he's really pissed at her. Dan tells us that he even thinks Rodney is going a little overboard here. For those of you keeping score at home - Rodney, overboard for complaining about Carolyn dissing him on reward. Will, NOT overboard for using the absolute worst time in a person's life as a method to belittle and insult her. How does your moral compass get this screwed up? And how is it that Survivor can keep getting people like this on their show?

But, out of the fire will rise the phoenix and Rodney has a brilliant plan that has come from this. He is going to act so pissed and so upset about this that he's going to say he wants out of the game and that he wants to be on the jury. Then, Mike won't play his idol and they can vote him out. That's it. That's the plan. While you're rolling that around in your head for a minute, Dan tells us that there's no way this will work. Tyler tells them that there's no way this will work. Tyler asks Rodney, "What if Mike plays his idol and votes me?" Rodney can't imagine why Mike would play his idol when Rod's acting so good. Tyler says, "Because it's Survivor." He tells us that he knows Mike is gunning for him and that Rodney's plan won't work. So, he has to come up with something else if he's to stay in the game.

We come back from break and everyone is back at camp and it is bedtime. Rodney is playing it up. He wishes today was Tribal so they could just send him home back to his real family. Not the fake family, like Mama C. She says he's just like a son to her and then she goes and does that. AND ON HIS BIRTHDAY...WHAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Mike chimes in, "Why should they give up their reward for you whenever you lost the challenge." Rodney tells them to just write his name down. Mike again pipes up saying there's no way he's writing Rodney's name now. This is every reason to keep him. Mike tells us that he ain't buying it for a second. He says, "Just cause I talk slow doesn't mean I think slow." Will tells us that Mike didn't buy it at all and they're back to square one.


We check in with Tyler and Carolyn talking about what Mike will do. She suggests that he'll either vote for Tyler or Dan at this point. So Tyler asks her about the idol. He says he hopes that she'll think about using his idol to protect him. Carolyn tells us that she likes where she is and with Mike having an idol he has to use and her having an idol, she feels like she's kind of in charge out there now. And this leads us to a....

Probst Sighting!! Today's challenge is a simple test of strength and will. Today, each person will hold onto a rope and lean backwards out over the water. Every 5 minutes, they'll inch farther down the rope, becoming more and more horizontal as they go. Last person holding onto the rope, wins immunity. This is going to be a quick one, I think. And I'll be interested to see if Mike has it in him to stay up there with Carolyn. Only a few seconds in, Rodney's struggling hard. Wanna know why? Cause he had to do dishes on his birthday. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! First one out of the challenge is Will. Dan is right behind. While we wait for someone else to fall, I have to wonder if we've ever seen anyone worse in challenges than Will. I mean is there ANYthing he can do well in a challenge? Maybe they'll have a Bon Jovi sing off later in the season. Oh, sorry...while I was ranting, Sierra and Rodney both fell out of the challenge. As the final 3 have to shift down to the next knot on the rope, Mike never gets himself set and he falls out of the challenge. Dang it. I was hoping he wouldn't have to use his idol yet! Anyway, only a few seconds later Tyler falls out and Carolyn wins immunity! This challenge was tailor made for a smaller woman with some strength and she took advantage. Good on her! As we head to break, Dan says that more and more talk is coming around to his advantage, so he might need to do some work this afternoon.

We come back from break and everyone congratulates Carolyn on the big win. She's very excited about the win. But she's not sure what the right move is for this vote. Dan tells us that either he, Tyler or Mike are going home tonight. He knows Mike will play his idol, which leaves him and Tyler. Carolyn suggests a vote split. Guys vote for Mike, girls vote for Tyler. That way Mike will have 4 votes and Tyler will have 3 (assuming Mike votes Tyler again) and they're all safe when Mike plays his idol. Dan is concerned about Will because Will voted for him last time. Rodney says not to worry about it, that Will is solid. Carolyn tells us that right now, she's telling Dan that Tyler is the vote, but that getting rid of Dan and his advantage might not be a bad idea. Tyler talks to Will and both of them are thinking of voting Dan tonight. Tyler tells us that this is his only hope and that if he and Will both vote Dan that could save him when Mike plays his idol. The next thing we see is Mike talking to Carolyn expecting a 4-3 vote tonight. Four for Mike and Mike tells her that he's voting Tyler. Carolyn tells us that Mike is voting Tyler and that now might be the time to work with him. Mike tells us that he's counting on Mama C to work with him as she's his last option.

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