Survivor: Worlds Apart - Episode 11

Survivor Russian Roulette

By Ben Willoughby

May 4, 2015

She's going to be on the jury!

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Shirin wants to turn things back on Will, and talks about how he verbally assaulted her and made light of her family situation. But Probst doesn’t want to talk about Will. “Dan, is that just the way it goes when there’s a million dollars on the line?” “No,” says Dan “but I wasn’t there when it all went down.” “But notice that none of them are saying Will was wrong, or that he should apologize for the things that he said, because you crossed a line,” says Shirin.

Now Probst turns to Will and suggests that he has not made up with Shirin and has no intention to. “Not at all,” Will confirms. Probst is confused. “Why not just apologize? What if you make it to the end and Shirin’s the vote?” Why not take the advice Mike gave way back earlier in the season and just apologize insincerely? After all, women just want to hear the word “sorry.” But Will explains that if “I’m gonna apologize, it has to be sincere. That’s the game.” Well, I understand that Will doesn’t want to feel like a phony by saying something he doesn’t mean, but that has nothing to do with Survivor. Look at all the insincere apologies that have been made to win jury votes.

It’s time for Shirin to make her pitch to not go home. She tells Probst that we are going to see one of the dumbest things ever tonight. “Everyone here knows that I am not a threat, and yet... we’ve got Tyler who will take a million dollars from every person here.” Tyler throws out some meaningless Survivor platitude about how he trusts his alliance.

Probst asks Sierra if this convinces her, and Sierra says, “What can I do? I’m just one person.” Shirin argues that if Sierra is just one person, maybe she isn’t in such a great position. But Carolyn shuts it down by saying “we are an alliance of six,” and makes a threat. “Timing and moves in this game are critical, but you don’t want to make moves too early in this game, because if you do you could make the worst decision of your life.”

Mike’s turn. Probst points out that for his strategy to work, he has to keep winning. But Mike argues that he just has to win the next one, because then the others will have to start eating each other and that will give him something to work with. He appeals to the blue collars, but Tyler cuts Mike down as a flipper and says that everyone in their alliance is smart and patient enough to stay with the alliance. But Probst says that if someone realizes they are at the bottom, now is the right time to make a move.

Rodney says that Mike was actually part of an alliance of seven, but he flipped on them. It was the wrong time to make a move. Dan backs Rodney up, and says Mike will say anything to stay in the game. I’m really starting to feel sorry for Dan and how wrong he is. Any last words, desperates?


“Absolutely,” says Mike, pulling out his hidden immunity idol. “We are going to see where this six is divided!” He announces that Shirin will have immunity and will vote for Tyler and he will be voting for someone else. The jury is thrilled. Probst calls this “Survivor Russian Roulette – you’d better vote Tyler, because if not someone will vote for you.” Hint hint. Hey Probst, no fair using your quotes as the episode title!

“Just sit there and look pretty,” is Shirin’s vote for Tyler. “Oh boy, hope this works,” is what Tyler says as we don't see his vote. Has anyone on the bench noticed that Mike is still holding onto his immunity idol? But when Probst asks if anyone has an idol to play Mike stands up, says “Love you girl,” and then fakes everyone out by sticking it back in his pocket.

Probst reads the votes. Tyler. Shirin. Dan. Tyler. Shirin. Dan. Shirin. One vote left. It’s Shirin. Everyone claps for some reason. “Dan still got two votes,” says Mike. Shirin is geekily excited to have her torch snuffed. Time for you to go.

“I don’t know if I’ve ever been this confused after a vote,” Probst lies, saying that no one seems to mind how the vote went. “Absolutely. I 100% agree. I’m absolutely not on the bottom.” says Dan. (Not really.) And it turns out that Mike and Shirin both voted for Tyler, and that Dan’s two votes came from Tyler and Will. That’s not the clutch play I would have expected from a former NFL kicker. (Note: not Will. Eleven episodes in and he still hasn't made sandwiches for anyone)

NTOS, Tyler tries to explain why he voted for Dan - to which Dan will probably say “I hear what you’re saying. I absolutely agree,” five or six times. And the alliance of six starts to crumble to the point that Rodney shouts frustratedly he wants to be in the jury. Ah, episode-bait.

Shirin’s last words are about her lack of hard feelings on camera, and about how sensitive Dan is and how badly he will take the vote. Because Shirin is a true Survivor nerd, Shirin is excited to be part of the jury! Better for her than making it to the end.

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